Flash Trap


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CAST: Jacob Gamble, Kaydin Bennett

DIRECTOR: Chris Steele

RELEASE DATE: 11/18/2015

Static X (Kaydin Bannett) is living in the shadow of his own failure. Once noble, brilliant, and heroic, X turned to evil when he was robbed of his academy training, failing to ascend to the illustrious Stud Squad. Now, he works on the side of pain, punishment, and revenge. But Static X remembers. In his academy days, he was warned...

"Damn you, Flash. You've interrupted me for the last time," the villain mutters, before setting into motion a series of coordinates that summon Flash (Jacob Gamble) to his lair of technology and torture.

Flash arrives, clad in blue lycra with gold trim. He is dark, masked, and impetuous. Static X is quick to imprison the hard hero, trapping him within the confines of his torture rack, arms and legs bound, leaving the hero all too vulnerable. Even through his shiny blue lycra it is impossible to ignore Flash's blooming erection...extremely long and fully aroused. Static X is quick to point out Flash's glaring protuberance, laughing to himself as he realizes Flash's obvious sexual weakness for him, despite his many protestations. This is a verbal edition of hard heroes, both villain and hero spar with words as well as actions.

Soon Static X retreats into the misty background of his lair, only to return with his red lycra costume stripped almost completely off. A powerful erection of his own, fat and throbbing, threatens everything the hero has worked so hard to achieve.

At last we understand. For a member of the Stud Squad to give in sexually to a confirmed villain would render him useless to the Squad. By taking Flash sexually, Static X is basically stripping Flash of his heroic standing...making him more like Static X and his villainous friends. Flash tries to resist, but his body says yes, yes, yes!

Static X's muscular member is massive, even in comparison to that of Flash, who is huge in his own right. Soon both bobbling cock-heads seem to be kissing, gently cockfighting, grinding together in a harmonic dance of their own. Balls bounce against hardened shafts as the hero and the villain lock lips, passionately abandoning all the boundaries between them.

Static X falls to his knees, taking Flash's meat cannon into his mouth is a slobbering, hungry blow job that forces Flash to beg until they are kissing passionately once again, more like comrades than enemies. Watch in gleeful ecstasy as Static X jams Flash's entire cock down his eager throat while beating off with a vengeance. Soon Flash is returning the favor, trying valiantly to devour X's enormous rod set to the soundtrack of his pendulous balls slapping hard agains his legs.

Prepare yourself for a mutual erotic adventure featuring two very well-endowed professionals. Spit in assholes lead to fingers thrusting deep, giving way to slow insertions, hard thrusting, and doggy-style fucking while the bottom jacks off.

"You're really big..." Flash mutters through gritted teeth. It is the understatement of the century, as X's sizable balls continue slapping him in the ass, as bare feet intertwine and sweat pours down masked faces.

This is the dicking of the decade, complete with Vesuvious-like eruptions of splattering cum and one hard hero who is a hero no more!

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