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CAST: Flash Rios, Slade Steele

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 4/11/2018

Flash Rios may be the hottest new piece of wrestling ass on the block Watch this cocky scrapper stretch and move that priceless body, tossing green-dyed hair, and grinning like a Cheshire cat. He's pretty. He's got attitude. And he's hungry for a scrap. Enter Slade Steel, a sweet-faced, mild-mannered muscle stud with a raging beast hiding inside. Both men are copper-skinned, powerfully built, barefooted, and attired in barely there speedos.

The initial lockup sees both men challenged, muscles bulging, sweat dripping, and egos on the line. Sexy asses are on view as they dig their bare heels into the mat, straining for an advantage. Could this be an even match? Or will powerhouse Slade Steel's inner beast destroy the young muscle stud? It's a wild rumpus of tangled bodies, headlocks, handgags, and a epic final sleeper!

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