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CAST: Flash Rios, Sky Davis

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 10/16/2017

Flash Rios is a walking turn on, from his exquisitely cut body, tight abs, powerful thighs, handsome face, deep armpits, barely there speedos, dyed green hair, sexy accent, and big, expressive feet...he’s perfection, pure and simple. But Sky Davis is a different sort of perfect, beautifully sculpted in his own way, but with a darker quality. He’s pale, heavily tatted, and slightly demented in his wrestling style. Both men flex off, comparing bodies and pawing each other with almost lustful obsession. Then, they fight!

It’s a steamy, sensual, stimulating struggle between two beautifully formed fighters who go head-to-head, ass-to-ass, and face-to-face in one humiliating hold or hump after another...hips bucking, abs clenching, faces twisted in pain. Will it be the goth punk or the latin lover for the win?

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