First Time 4

Dolphin Entertainment

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CAST: Oleg Vorobyev, Nickolay Russian, Nikita Adamovich, Dinnis Golubkin, Fedor Zarizin, Andrey Nazarov, Alex Fanatov

DIRECTOR: Alex Clark

RELEASE DATE: 2/25/1999

It’s no secret the Russkies have been coming. And coming. And coming. And they’re usually pretty young, too. So let us celebrate yet another edition of Dolphin’s First Time series. While I’ve little idea what precisely these smooth, uncut, hung, baby-faced Russchickens are doing for the "first time" - and indeed I’m dubious anything could entail their first time at this point - they do it well. The plot pretense centers around Victor’s birthday party. I dare not venture a guess just how old Victor is, but surely American pornteur Don Ross would appreciate the occasion and show up with gifts and camera in tow. Victor’s buddies are a frisky, hormonal lot and can’t even wait to get there before they open their own special presents. In once scene, two young 'uns (a brunette, fuzzy-assed butchie and a brown haired, pouty lipped hottie) pull off the road and suck 'n fuck. Meanwhile, our ultra smooth cover boy, whom I presume to be Victor, gets a big ol’ blowjob from his eager, albeit less endowed buddy. He returns the favor in true gentleman’s fashion. A buttfuck and juicy set of wads follow. There’s plenty more scenes with plenty more big dicks and loads. The boys here generally range from svelte and hairless to toned and hairless (with a couple of joy trails, too). Hot boy/men for sure, without the ridiculous muscleness of LA’s porn scene. Only real bummer is a lack of synch sound: dubbed sex noises do not a soundtrack make, though they’re a lot less obnoxious than they could have been. Keep comin’, you darned Russkies! If this is what years of Communism results in, let’s get Socialist right quick!

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