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CAST: Paul Lasalle, Mathews, Hector Alverez, Buck Wyld, Jay Moore


RELEASE DATE: 4/13/2007

Part of the "fantasy" in this non stop pro scenario is the multiple changes of the wrestlers' gear. Early in the matches each wrestler wears eye popping, ankle length, skin tight, extreme hip huggers with sewn-in bulge pounches you may never have seen before. HOT HOT HOT But the best part of these two fantasy matches is the stop action "freeze" button being controlled from outside the ring by killer sexy Paul LaSalle. Anytime he wants, Paul presses his stop action "freeze" button and the wrestlers are stopped...frozen in time... allowing Paul to enter the ring and sexually manhandle the immoble athletes...any way he wants. What a great fantasy. Compact stud Jay Moore and hot body Buck Wyld are the first match up. During their match Paul freezes them at will.... physically inspecting them, wiping them down, and changing their gear from tights to Speedo type trunks, stripped to buck naked, ordered to jack off, then to continue wrestling. Hard on heaven. Bigger beefier Buck Wyld takes the match and makes you wonder what you'd do with him immobilized for your perverted pleasures. Match Two features Hector Alverez in blue, and Mathew in drop-jaw-sexy white. Both wrestlers wearing the how-do-they-stay-up hip hugger tights. Freeze button man Paul manipulates and manhandles Hector and Matthew the way he mishandled Buck and Jay. Imagin watching the WWE... and you could stop-freeze John Cena while suffering in a strict ful nelson.... you climb up in the ring to grope and fondle his cock... and worship his body.... punch his gut... what a sss-s-s-mokin' HOT fantasy! Anyhow, back to FANTASY PRO WRESTLING where button man Paul puts Hector and Mathew thru gear changes ending up bare assed... and orders them to jack off. Imagin John Cena jacking off in the center of the WWE ring while thousands watched. Every fuse in voyeurdom would blow simultaneously. That's hardly likely. But FANTASY PRO WRESTLING guarantees 2 multi-gear-change pro matches; 4 muscular wrestlers plus 1 jack-off hot freeze button pusher; and 5 full throttle, buckets-o-cum; meat cannon, "twins" cum shots...just for you. Order up!

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