BG Wrestling

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CAST: Scott Randsome, Sean Diamond


RELEASE DATE: 6/27/2018

Please note... originally this title was lost and no longer available. We recently located a timecode master that we were able to master to a DVD. There is a small block of time code text located at the bottom right of the screen.

One of the most erotic BG videos shot in a pro wrestling ring. The video opens in the locker room with the wrestlers getting into their wrestling attire. The guys proceed to the ring where Sean Diamond secures a side headlock on Scott Randsome to open the match. And that is virtually all she wrote for poor Sean Diamond who suffers through a horrendous squash, both physically and erotically. Physically in that he endures leg spreads, scissors, body slams and other holds too numerous to mention. At one point Scott starts to strip Sean . The shirt comes off, but stops while covering Sean’s head for a time. Eventually Scott strips him to a t-back, revealing a luscious butt.. While Randsome secures Sean’s head in a scissors that has Sean close to Scott’s balls – he takes a bite. Randsome is furious and retaliates with some severe ball squeezes. Randsome at one point sticks his finger up Sean’s butt and walks him across the ring. Sean is shoved into a ring corner face first. Randsome takes advantage and spanks him. Diamond is eventually fucked, and Randsome jacks off. Randsome carries this loser over his shoulder into the locker room. A shower scene has Diamond on his knees sucking Randsome’s cock. Like we said: a heavily erotic and sexual video.

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