BG Wrestling

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RELEASE DATE: 5/26/2006

Rex Tyler is an absolute stunner. Great face, great body. What makes him such a great performer was that he is totally into what he’s doing. Whether it’s wrestling or sex, Rex is personally immersed beyond belief. You can tell as the production proceeds. Are you into verbal? If so Rex is continually verbalizing as the match and sex proceed. In fact both do. Rex Tyler knows his way around a wrestling mat as you will be able to tell from the various holds he employs. He loves to Bearhug! Eric is on the receiving end of several. But Rex also loves a certain give and take, so he “allows” Eric to show him what he’s got. When the wrestling gear comes off, Rex starts to sport a woodie. And when he finally gets Eric to submit to yet another hold, he allows his opponent to suck his cock from several angles. This leads to a very, very intense fucking scene. Tragically Rex only performed in two videos – both for BG. This one and a Body Worship.

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