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CAST: Esko, Logan Scion

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 9/21/2016

Esko is a babyface fighter with a callow charm, stretching that strong body so artfully inked. He wears a hot blue and white piece that looks similar to a jockstrap, as he awaits his next battle. Enter Logan Scion, the big-mouth brawler with trash talk for days. These two olive-skinned, strapping strugglers don’t realize it yet, but they’re about to have the fight of their lives. Just looking at them together, it’s as if somebody carefully selected the two action figures from the toy bucket best suited to go at it.

Scion and Esko share an almost adorable connection, grinning and daring each other to do something. The lock up is longer than expected, displaying their even strength. Esko finds himself in trouble first, as Scion puts the squeeze on his neck in a fierce choke hold. Even so, you can hear Scion’s labored breath. Esko may be boyish and pretty, but he’s truly the perfect match for Scion, even as Scion demolishes him, gaining the first submission.

Scion helps his opponent to his feet, and the two square off again, olive skin glistening with sweat. Suddenly Esko transforms, like Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde! That babyfaced sweetness, that cracking adolescent voice...all seem to fade as he finds his metal, beating and brutalizing Scion, who seems just as surprised as we are!

Watch in voyeuristic agony as Esko turns on the heat, applying near-impossible pressure to Scion’s right arm, only to straddle him and go to town clawing his pectorals and hammering away at his soft abs. Hot handgags leave Scion muffled and moaning, only to lead to the ultimate hero pose as Esko stands on him, flexing and lording his power over him.

“I fuckin’ hate you, mother fucker!” cries Scion.

It’s an astonishing session of hot back-and-forth action, proving once again that true eroticism has nothing to do with nudity!

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