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CAST: Dante Martin, Logan Scion

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 5/10/2016

Director Jobe Zander brings the heat, as two hotbodies come crashing together in an erotic fight to the finish.

Meet Dante Martin, a powerfully built ramrod from Russia with a body so hard and well-defined it looks like he spends his days moving boulders. Wearing an orange and black speedo that stretches so tightly over his impressive ass, this well-muscled stud boasts a pair of tree-trunk thighs, a massive chest with huge pecs, and arms of solid rock. He may be a little short, but this newcomer is ready for an all out brawl with whoever his opponent may be.

Enter Logan Scion, a olive-skinned stud with attitude for days. This guys is sadistic, with a twisted smile and laugh that accompanies the pain he dishes out. He`s dominates in every way, and is much stronger than he looks. Sporting a deep red speedo and a cocky strut, Scion wastes no time in making fun of Martin`s size.

"I think I`m big where it counts," Martin fires back.

"Your mouth looks big," Scion shrugs.

"You`re the one who keeps talking."

When their bodies smack together for the initial tie-up, you can practically feel the vicious slap of skin on skin! Asses circle past the camera as our fighters circle, all locked together in a hot hold. Martin is too confident, slowly slipping into a headlock that Scion quickly follows up with an arm twist that makes the victim`s face turn red. Martin`s arm is cranked backwards in a hold that forces him onto his tiptoes, huge chest thrust outward, as Scion scoffs and continues to talk trash.

Even without nudity, every move, every hold, ever second of this sizzling match has an erotic flair to it. When Scion forces Martin`s into a nelson, both fighters display orgasmic facial expressions, moaning and grasping in attitudes of fierce sensuality, as Scion`s abdomen presses against Martin`s taut back.

It isn`t long before both men are on the mat, arms and legs intertwined so tightly it`s hard to tell where one man starts and the other one ends. Scion continues his brutal abuse on the body of newbie Martin, torturing his package with clenching fingers, pummeling his abs, and twisting his large nipples, pecs, and shoulder sockets with surprising force.

"Got me sweating, but I`m still gonna kick your ass!" Scion says, seductively wiping sweat from his body and brow and Martin struggles between the trash-talker`s legs.

Watch as Scion muscles Martin into a camel clutch that has the shorter stud`s foot trapped against Scion`s upper thigh. The resistance between their two bodies is like a pair of magnets being forced together. Martin`s mouth is constantly working as he tries to shake Scion`s huge hands from his chin. Scion can`t resist verbally tormenting his victim as he wrenches him upward by his arms, forcing his back to bed into a teardrop shape of pain.

"Take it!" Scion says with a nasty grin on his face. "Maybe you should join the circus. You`re ugly enough. After this match you`ll be perfect for the freak show! Those big ass pecs make you a little heavy, but I`ve fucking got you. You ain`t shit! Must suck to suck, huh?"

Suddenly Martin is on his back, arms pinned to his side, as Scion straddles him speedoed cock-to-cock, never one letting up on the trash talk as he hammers the Russian Ramrod`s abs and pecs. What follows is a barrage of ball abuse.

Will Dante Martin`s debut be a total squash job? Will he get Scion to shut his fucking mouth once and for all? Find out, in this nasty match complete with the most pathetic bearhug submission we`ve ever shot, leaving the loser utterly humiliated.

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