Erotic Mat Wrestling 1

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Donny Blackthorne,Logan Scion

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 11/25/2015

No ring. No ropes. No bullshit. Just a perfectly lit locker room, a large black mat, and two guys ready to tear each other apart. This is Erotic Mat Wrestling, where the concept of eroticism is explored not through obvious nudity and sex, but rather through the simple connection between two bodies. That moment when skin touches skin, when anything can happen... Bring on the boys. If there was ever any doubt that this was to be an erotic match up, Logan Scion puts that to bed the instant he appears on the mat. He is the very definition of the word "erotic", tending to rouse sexual excitement. His feline grace, his avian body art, his impossibly well-defined thighs, the flex and bend of his bare feet upon the mat, action figure proportions in the arms, shoulders, back, and chest. Even his default facial expression, that of a challenging youth with no regard for authority. Scion appears to have been squeezed into barely-there undergear which does nothing but draw focus to his glorious ass, bulging package, and sleek sex lines. Enter Donnie Blackthrone, a cocky bastard if there ever was one. With a buzzcut and black speedos proudly emblazoned with our company name, Blackthorne boats a more natural musculature and thicker abdomen, giving him a powerful stance and gate as he gets up in Scion`s bewildered face. Blackthorne has come to the mat to practice, and Scion`s in his way. The challenge is made, although green Scion can`t seem to believe Blackthorne is actually proposing that they fight for the mat.

"We`re on the fighting mat, what do you think we`re gonna do?" Suddenly they`re circling each other like cats. The lockup is slow, sensual, as each man leans into the other, fingers around necks, eyes locked in fury and passion. "Come on pretty boy," says Blackthorne, "let`s see what you got." As hands are wrenched above heads, we become aware of the incredible obliques of each fighter, both of whom are already gasping and straining. Blackthorne taunts Scion, enjoying the victim`s face in his armpit. Scion never fights valiantly, despite the sudden realization that he may be in over his head. Blackthorne trash talks like a pro, challenging Scion to do the same. "Fuck you!" Scion finally manages to cry out as a knee is placed squarely in his back and his arms are yanked backward, making him look like a particularly well-crafted Roman statue.

Sleepers, camel clutches, hair pulling, each painful hold seems expertly designed to show off the bodies of each worthy competitor. Soon each man is tied up in a long lasting double leg lock, feet in faces, legs twisted cruelly. Now begins the true pain, as balls and cocks are grabbed and groped with total ferocity. Abs are beaten and battered. Yet neither man seems particularly ready for the lockup to end. There`s a beauty to this fight, despite everything else. "Stubborn little fucker!" "This mat`s mine now!" And the winner is...all of us. Welcome to Erotic Mat Wrestling!

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