BG Wrestling

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RELEASE DATE: 10/30/2012

BOUT 1: DINO PHILLIPS VS. TED MATTHEWSWow! Were these two ever turned on to each other. We guess part of the reason is opposites attract. Both well built, but one with a pleasingly hairy chest and one smooth. Dino is master at seducing another wrestler into eroticism while he combines both wrestling and the erotic to not only win his match, but to maintain top status until the final fall. In this case Dino wins two straight falls. He wedges, he spanks, he sucks cock, he rubs crotch in face. His seduction technique certainly does affect Ted Matthews. Both go on to some good cocksucking and to blow giant loads. Dino gets Ted’s into his hair, on his neck, on to his face and eye. This erotic match is a little gem! BOUT 2: DON VINCENT VS. EDDIE RESISome guys can’t help but get hard-ons when they grapple next to a hard body. Don Vincent is one of them. When his jock comes off, his hard-on is quite evident – as it bobs up and down through the remainder of the wrestling match. Both try and reach each others jock clad butts – to spank them. Don doesn’t seem to have any real trouble controlling his well built opponent, except for getting trapped in a second fall loss through a submission to a surfboard. Otherwise Don takes the other two falls. The two go on to mutual cocksucking and a nice cum blow-off.

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