BG Wrestling

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RELEASE DATE: 4/19/2011

BOUT 1: JOHNATHAN CHRISTIPHER VS. TYLER SCOTTJohnathan is very muscular, and bigger than Tyler. He is also quite turned on to Tyler, sporting a hard-on through the entire match. He is anxious to wrestle Tyler and in the process feel up his butt, spank his ass, grope his crotch, suck his cock, poke into his ass, and in general conduct an Erotic Combat. He is big enough, muscular enough, to do anything he wants to Tyler. Tyler tries his best. He has very muscular legs, but they don’t match the strength possessed by Johnathan. Post match, which Johnathan wins with a 2-0 submissions, the two grapplers mutually suck each others cock and try and jackoff their opponent as well. Tyler is successful. He makes Johnathan cum. Tyler has to take over from Johnathan and goes on to make a huge cumshot. BOUT 2: ROBBIE CARDENAS VS. RICK ANTHONYRobbie is small, but very quick and wrestling smart. He is bisexual and loves wrestling gay guys because he knows he can do what he wants with them as well as get what he wants from them. Even though Rick Anthony is taller and weighs more, Robbie’s aggressiveness dominates throughout the whole match. When he wants to be controlled or let Rick be on top, it happens and vice versa. He gets his cock sucked during and after the match, which he wins. The two go on to two nice cumshots.

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