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CAST: Doug Brandon, Beau Hopkins, Bobby Hopkins


RELEASE DATE: 3/21/2007

In every week's in-coming mail bags, Boss Sexton will always receive multiple requests for Can-Am's reclusive bodybeautiful superstar Beau Hopkins, and his real life baby muscle brother Bobby. So here they are gentlemen.... BOTH Hopkins Brothers. Pick up the phone... dial 1-800-603-5109.... and order the two full hour marathon match-up DOUG BRANDON VS THE HOPKINS BROTHERS. In very small yellow bikinis, big brother Beau takes on bad boy Doug Brandon wearing his equally small trademark grey bikinis. Beau punishes Doug to a 1st fall schoolboy pin submission. Beau then gets his pex clutched, nipples twisted, and a trunk wedgied spanking before submitting to a fall 2 Boston crab. Beau passes out to a 3rd fall choke hold and is drug semiconscious to the oil pit where Doug soon looses his trunks and gets his bare ass played and displayed to your hard-on's content. Multiple submissions are swapped tit-for-tat til Beau chokes Doug out cold, revives him, and orders Doug to jack off. If you haven't worn your dick out by now, buckle up for Bobby! Bobby's body has come a long, long way... and Doug Brandon delights in punishing Beau's baby brother brutally. Wearing work out pants and tank tops, muscle boy Bobby surprises Doug by forcing a leg lock submission out of him for the 1st fall. Stripped to bikinis (yellow for Doug, blue-green for Bobby) Doug squeezes pex and balls to win fall 2 with a camel choke hold. Bikinis disappear and cock/balls & crotch grabbing dominate fall 3 until Doug puts Bobby to sleep for his short trip to the oil pit. Endless bare assed brutalization, submission after submission, continues til both men pump off huge gusher climaxes for your personal release. Two full hours of Beau Hopkins and Bobby Hopkins getting worked over by Doug Brandon for $39 bucks is a helluva deal. Order DOUG BRANDON VS THE HOPKINS BROTHERS fast before they self-combust on the shelves from over heating.

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