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CAST: Doug Brandon, Bart Tyler


RELEASE DATE: 4/11/2007

Despite being in his mid-twenties, for the last couple of years Doug Brandon has been Can-Am's unofficial and undefeated bad boy. To destroy veteran wrestlers bigger and stronger than himself, Brandon has relied on his very aggressive, below-the-belt street fighting technique to dominate the Can-Am roster. But we all know what goes up, must come down. "DOUG BRANDON: BOUND BROKEN & DEFEATED" is the humiliating and painful downfall of bad boy Doug Brandon. And good looking 190 pound blond bodybuilder Bart Tyler is the man who defeats, breaks, and binds Doug Brandon both in the pro ring, and the oil pit.... tied together by a thick 10 foot rope... right wrist to right wrist... rodeo style. So buckle up gentlemen, it's going to be a bumpy ride! Fighting in his signature silver grey bikinis.... Brandon thinks blond Bart in turquoise bikinis will be an easy squash job. Brandon has no idea of the beating he's about to endure. Pro ring fall one goes to Brandon with a figure-4 submission from muscular Bart Tyler. Pro ring fall two goes to Tyler with a sensational split-spread crab-cradle leg-lock with Brandon's ass displayed high and wide. Pro ring fall three also goes to Tyler with a now-getting-worried Brandon passing out from a combo rope and leg lock choke hold. Tyler drags a semiconscious Brandon from the pro ring to the oil pit to punish Can-Am's bad boy further. But oil pit fall one goes to Brandon demonstrating renewed viciousness trying to put Tyler away with a prolonged rope strangle blackout. But it's termination time for Brandon as he loses the second and third oil pit falls straight suffering a payback rope throat strangle, and a rodeo calf-tied leg split submission. The action and punishment in "DOUG BRANDON: BOUND BROKEN & DEFEATED" is brutal and relentless. Watching Can-Am's bad boy Doug Brandon take the beating of his life is right up there with PAUL PERRIS' PROLONGED PUNISHMENT and a highly recommended must for your Can-Am collection. And if you want to see blonde muscle hunk Bart Tyler suffer payback BIGtime..... write Ron Sexton with how you'd like to see Doug Brandon's Revenge.

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