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CAST: jobe zander (Brad Boyer), Rio Garza, Brenden Cage


RELEASE DATE: 4/15/2011

Two-on-one fans will love Boss Sexton's "Double Teamed" because you know ravishing Rio is gonna get ganged up on by Jobe Zander looking very hot in very small blue bikinis... and muscle hunk Brenden Cage packed into red bikinis. But the 2-on-1 double bonus of "Double Teamed" is that both Jobe and Brenden are also gonna get beat up badly. Very badly. Both Rio and Brenden are wearing tiny red trunks, but you can easily tell them apart because Rio is wearing black boots. It all starts with the red bikini boys in the Can-Am pro ring helping each other with stretching exercises. Yes indeed. While talking about Boss Sexton's three man match-up, Jobe Zander shows up and starts running his smack mouth. So Brendon and Rio decide Jobe needs a little double team attitude adjustment. Brenden is clearly the boss of the red team instructing Rio on the more sadistic techniques of double teaming. Things heat up. Tempers flare. Action escalates. The bottom line here is that all three bodybeautifuls take severe double team beatings. But Jobe Zander fans will appreciate that it's their fair haired boy that endures the harshest and toughest double punishment. And Rio fans can rest assured that gorgeous Garza suffers his ass of too. Remember Boss Sexton personally directs all Rio matches. And Boss Sexton pays Rio handsomely to suffer... abundantly. "Double Teamed" is a new version of Can-Am's classic "Two-On-One - Tormented Trio" (still available and highly recommended). Rio Garza... Jobe Zander... and Brenden Cage suffer their asses off for you.... each double teamed into multiple submissions.

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