Domination 1

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Sky Davis, Nathan Cortijo

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 6/30/2016

Welcome to an exciting, all new series from Can-Am Wrestling. Domination! Where men are men, and fights are long, hot, and humiliating!

Who better to star in our debut Domination battle than Nathan Cortijo, who quickly created a fierce fan following after his systematic destruction of beautiful Marco Coello in Crotch Attack 1? Was anybody surprised? Described as a total wow piece with an aggressive sexuality, his body is blessedly different from the pec and shoulder heavy men we see so much of. Cortijo is strong at the core, boasting a solidly built torso and back, powerful thighs below, all meeting in the center in what might be the most impressive piece of ass imaginable. This man has curvature, musculature, and attitude.

Imagine what he must be thinking when Sky Davis appears on the mat! These guys clearly come from completely different worlds! Davis is a lily white sadist, artistically inked in swirling lines across his chest, arms, and neck. With slowing, raven black hair and a chip on his shoulder, he looks like somebody who would be sitting in the back of home room dressed all in black, drawing skulls in his history book. Davis stupidly starts out by calling Cortijo a rookie, which makes Cortijo’s blood boil!

All too soon we realize why this is our Domination series, as Cortijo goes to town on his quarrelsome challenger. Swinging fists hammer away at Davis’s abs. Shoulders are wrenched, arms are twisted, hair is yanked so hard it’s a wonder Davis’ head is still attached! Chokes! Feet planted in backs! Dragging! Cortijo growls like a savage beast as the sweat begins to pour out of every orifice. He throws his head back, throwing a rain shower of sweat every which way as Davis begs like a bitch! Cortijo is a master. This is his domain.

“Fuckin’ bitch,” he hisses, as his opponent grovels, in what is easily the most thrilling debut vid we’ve done in ages!

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