Dominated And Destroyed


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CAST: Alex Costas, Gabe Steele

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 5/20/2020

You know when you give buff bad boy Gabe Steel the chance to be a villain and destroy a muscled up superhero, you know he’s gonna go rabid. Enter Superhero Alex, every muscle rippling through his red spandex super suit, including a really good hint at a giant bulge that is just begging to get bashed.

Gabe stalks his prey from behind, and then stuffs a cholorofom rag in his mouth, making Alex slowly pass out, allowing Gabe to lasciviously observe his new toy (And Gabe loves to show off his toys). And now... the destruction begins...

Gabe mercilessly attacks Alex, tying him up in multiple embarrassing positions, and then, for even more kinky torture, Gabe rips his opponents super suit apart, revealing Alex’s thong, which beautifully shows off Alex’s bubble ass and giant package. He applies an atomic wedgie, humiliating Alex by dragging him around, his ass perkily bouncing around the mat.

Don’t get me wrong, Alex has some promising comeback moments! He gets some great shots at Gabes beefy bod. Eventually both Hero and Villain become obsessed with one thing: the giant bulge of their opponent. They bash and bust each other’s manhood with no mercy, until Gabe finally loses his temper and hogties his new toy, leaving Alex open for total domination!

Gabe strings him up in chains, and brutally strips Alex naked, finally letting that beautiful cock out of captivity! And now, Gabe claims it as his own, yanking and punching the Super dick with a twisted smile of glee across his face.

How will Gabe fully dominate the Superhero? Will Alex have a comeback? I wouldn’t get my hopes up...

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