Die Hard Conquers Dyno-Man


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CAST: Erik Michaels, Mason Flynt

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton, Matt Thomas

RELEASE DATE: 8/22/2014

HARD HEROES, VOLUME 2 - Mason Flynt once again transforms skintight black spandex and a menacing mask into the super villain, Die Hard. Continuing his quest to capture the powers of super hero opponents, this time he's out to drain Dyno-Man’s. But rest assured - power is not the only thing that will get drained! San Francisco power bottom Erik Michaels electrifies the role of Dyno-Man, and his taut body and big dick get charged up and worked over by Die Hard. Bathed in the glow of his nuclear hideout, Dyno-Man senses a change in the force that can only mean that Die Hard is back. Tele-transporting to Die Hard's lair, he comes across something irrestible - a luscious dick on a stick lollipop. And even a super hero can’t resist a tasty dick lick. But that's no ordinary sucker and a few licks later he is submitting to the erotic bondage and sexual control of Die Hard. Trussed up, torn up, and finally straddled, Dyno gets a long a electro-butt-plug workout followed by a long fuck. But it turns out Dyno wasn’t completely drained. Coming out of his sucker stupor, he overtakes Die Hard and the two battle it out on the mat. Order up and give yourself a charge and a drain!

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