Decrotchery 1: Jobe vs Thiago

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Thiago Diaz, Jobe Zander (Brad Boyer)


RELEASE DATE: 6/16/2011

Holy shit! Wait til you get a load of this video's co-star Thaigo Diaz. This muscleboy is in the Rio Garza league. They'd be an incendiary tag team... Rio and Thaigo... Thaigo and Rio. Anyhow... DECROTCHERY also stars total pro Can-Am veteran Zobe Zander. Jobe always does the jobber well. Especially when the job is to punish and torture muscle boys like Thaigo. And Boss Sexton actually PAID Zander to do this. Just for you. Very nice work Jobe. Thaigo's body is fucking stunning, and Boss Sexton rewards every one of you with the total and irrefutable destruction of Thaigo's fucking stunning body. Over. And over. Thaigo suffers every single moment of this match. "I can't take it any more!" cries Thaigo. Mr Zander replies to Thaigo... "We're just getting started", then single mindedly destroys Thaigo's boy balls. You won't believe the endless variation of testicle torture our muscleboy Thaigo endures. Yeah, he's hurtin'. "Please. I can't take it". And Thiago suffers extended prolonged continued punishment. THANK YOU, Boss Sexton. Thank you, Jobe Zander. On the non-stop-jobber-punishment meter... BOING... this video hits a 10. Let's all extend our get better wishes to Thaigo so Boss Sexton can have him job-squashed again. Soon.

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