Decrotchery 9: Jobe Vs. Dimaggio

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Jobe Zander, Topher Dimaggio

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 9/9/2015

The debate rages on: Is Topher DiMaggio a real person, or a fantasy of muscle and sinew and strength and stamina (not to mention flawless hair)? Only Jobe Zander can say for sure.

Zander slides into the ring, clearly looking for a fight, with his perfect ass and bulging package barely contained by stretched blue lycra. DiMaggio wears an identical color, and Zander is none too pleased about it. Soon the blonde buck is complimenting DiMaggio`s physique. Even through the flattery, these guys are circling like cats, clearly preparing to strike. "You are build for show, but I`m built for go," says Zander, challenging the younger combatant to a test of strength. "Let`s see what you got," says DiMaggio with a cocky grin.

Fingers lock up, biceps bulge, and suddenly we are in the throws of a battle of titans, groaning and raging and forcing one another to bend backwards in an excruciating, back-breaking fight. You can practically feel the heat of their two musclebound bodies bouncing off of each other at they struggle for supremacy. DiMaggio manages to recover from an impossible dip, only to force Zander into a deeper bend, exposing his package and ass to the camera is a momentary, yet humiliating moment of weakness. Soon Zander is upright again, yet the fingerlock holds strong. They circle. They squeeze. Then, a black-booted foot kicks upward, rendering one man useless and in pain, clutching his damaged manhood in total agony. That`s when everything changes. That`s when this becomes the newest title in the thrilling and brutal DeCROTCHery series! With a fist of thunder, Zander hammers at DiMaggio`s package from behind, shoving him against the ropes for a bit of old school abdominal abuse. Now DiMaggio`s mad, and both men lock up in a beautiful hold that has them stomping across the ring like furious giants. Arms are twisted, shoulders are nearly ripped from sockets...DiMaggio practically begs to be released. Zander just smiles, applying a surprise kick to the balls that leads into a violent wedgy. Zander attacks his prey with an almost tender aggression, one moment stroking DiMaggio, one moment clamping down on his boys with sadistic glee. At one point the action takes on sort of savage beauty, as Zander slides his hand deep into Zander`s spandex gear from behind while pinioning one of DiMaggio`s arms behind his back. DiMaggio tries to counter the attack by by struggling lightly while the light bounces off his perfectly muscled torso, chest, and arms. These men could almost be mistaken for lovers caught in an amorous embrace, but the pain written deep in DiMaggio`s face says otherwise. The following combinations of headlock, ab abuse, and armpit in face back-breaker quickly establish Zander in the role of bully, and DiMaggio in the role of victim...strange it imagine considering DiMaggio`s physical perfection. And that`s only in the first ten minutes... Just wait for the ultimate eleven o`clock number, when these two titans engage in what might be the most epic double ball-squeeze ever filmed. Face-to-face, cock-to-cock, the gloves are off, the threats and curses are real, and two men face off in the roughest cock and balls battle imaginable. It`s a breath-taking, ball-busting, fight to the fucking finish, in DeCROTCHery 9!

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