Decrotchery 7: Vineland Vs. Zander

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Jobe Zander, Michael Vineland

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 3/6/2015

Songs and sonnets could be written about Michael Vineland. We`ve seen him fight, wrestle, beat and battle his way to the top. We`ve seen him as a super hero, and in solo scenarios where he more than holds his own. But what could be better than seeing Vineland in the time-tested formula we all know and love, a hot ring match where balls are on the line? And Vineland`s balls are beautifully framed by kelly green speedos, perfectly complimenting those famous coffee-and-cream muscles.

Older and wiser Jobe Zander enters the ring with platinum hair and a mop in hand, a less than subtle threat saying that he intends to mop the floor with Vineland. The older man seems confident him baby blue trunks and crisp white wrist cuffs. His sizable package bounces alluringly with every move he makes. Zander is a loose cannon, a wild card, a creature of fury and frenetic energy, who lunges are Vineland with a series of moves to quick to properly see. He is a storm of flying fists and flailing feet.

Vineland is bigger, and the bigger they are...

And the crotch abuse begins!

Vineland is dragged kicking and groaning across the floor, where he is promptly and expertly laced against he ropes so that his boys absorb all the abuse. Zander lands a triple attack on those green-clad balls while simultaneously giving Vineland a cruel wedgie.

"That`s how you take down a giant," says the smaller man, before pressing his full weight on Vineland`s knees, while the bigger man cries like a little bitch while cupping his package protectively as every possible attack is put into place. Elbows, fingers, fists, knees, forearms, and even feet are put to work making mince meat out of those crotches.

Don`t let the title fool you. There`s more than just crotch abuse here. Spanking, humiliating ass humping, and a variety of agonizing holds keeps this sizzling new title hot and intriguing.

Soon the giant is struggling to his feet, all to ready to return the many favors exacted upon him. Perhaps the most epic example would be the ferocious camel clutch Vineland applies to Zander, with his massive hand practically crushing his neck, his other hand practically caressing his chest before the fist goes flying...almost like something out of a great Roman sculpture.

"I can give as good as I can get," says Vineland, stomping like a bull before going back for more, this time strangling a red-faced Zander on the ropes, while his sizable, blue clad cock bounces pathetically.

You`ll be riveted by the constant give-and-take action. You`ll be blown away by the barbarous physical combinations. One competitor is head-locked between his opponents legs, wedgied, and spanked with an almost gleeful vigor, only to be further humiliated by the grasping, clawing, final crotch attack that leaves one man sweating, panting, cursing, and finally screaming the words "I QUIT!"

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