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CAST: Derek Fox, Jobe Zander (Brad Boyer)


RELEASE DATE: 11/14/2011

A "clean-cut" Jobe Zander stops traffic wearing a pair of metallic silver trunks that features his impressive pouch bulge like a turkey on a platter. Amazingly hot! Boss Sexton's before-match instructions to Jobe were to punish, brutalize, and destroy 21 year old bodybuilder hunk Derek Fox. Mr Zander takes Boss Sexton's instructions very seriously and DECROTCHERY 2 is the slow and methodical demolition of the young muscleboy jobber. Jobe has his way and manhandles Derek's gym trophy body like a rag doll. Twisting and stretching Derek into new positions of suffering he'd never imagined. Submission hold after submission hold... not for the submissions... but for the agony Jobe inflicts on Derek. Derek is Jobe's human slab of beef punching bag... gut punching... pec punching... ball punching... it doesn't stop until Jobe's 21 year old muscle boy has no punch-back left. And just for you "out cold" fans, your evil hero Jobe Zander takes his sweet sadistic time in choking his muscular man-boy out. Way out. Out cold. Imagin what you could do to Derek Fox before and after he regains consciousness. Boss Sexton delivers again.

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