Decrotchery 18: Jobe vs Santiago

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Santiago Santos, Jobe Zander

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 10/25/2017

Santiago Santos is a bronze-skinned stud with a well-cut, muscular frame, heavy pecs, flawless biceps, incredible back, and a powerful bulge in his purple bike shorts. Zander’s ready to play, but Santos isn’t scared. The boys circle, bark at each other, and flex. A test of strength gets both studs sweating and using their muscles in a raging skirmish that sees both men challenged. But these assholes are too brutal and jealous to simply wrestle, it’s time to bust those balls!

Zander strips Santos of his bike shorts, choking him with them as he schoolboy pins him, and grinds his own balls into his opponent’s thin white underwear. Zander handgags Santos as he claws his balls brutally, sweat coursing down his muscular back. But Santos returns the favor, fighting back like a champion, spitting on Zander, and exacting his own brand of cock and ball torture. Zander may have finally met his match in trash talk, brutality, endurance, and erotic prowess. Could the torch be passing at last? We’ll be watching this rivalry for years to come!

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