Decrotchery 17: Niko Knight vs Jobe

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Niko Knight, Jobe Zander

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 3/6/2017

The mere sight of Niko Knight working out is enough to make a grown man blow his fuckin’ load all over the damn place. This guys is tall, long, and beautifully proportioned. Long, articulate feet, tight abs, glorious shoulders, powerful arms, a lean waist, and an ass that defies description. Combined with his to-the-minute hair and cocky smile, and we’ve got a winner. Damn!

Enter Jobe Zander, a veteran and an athlete. Knight makes the mistake of calling out veteran crotch-killer “old.” Fuck. Zander looks damn good, especially when he crouches down before locking up with his taller opponent. Knight is quickly floored, punched, and blown away. He looks shaken. A second lockup is less confidant.

“Asshole,” hisses Zander, bitterly, while crushing the giant’s windpipe. “Talking shit about a legend! Jackass!”

Knight feels the full power of Zander when his pretty face is ground into Zander’s hard cock, so powerfully visible through lemon yellow spandex. Zander exacts his punishment on the kid with cheap shots, smacking kicks to his back and abdomen, brutal camels, and a certain psychotic precision that only he can bring.

This title is an adventure in hot bodies being pushed to the limit. Watch Zander do what he does best to a truly fine piece of man.

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