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CAST: Jobe Zander, Marco Coello, Nathan Cortijo

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 11/11/2016

Jobe Zander vs Marco Coello vs Nathan Cortijo

Yo, if you can even look at Nathan Cortijo’s breath-taking ass without popping wood instantly, you’re a better man than most. Like, how do you even GET a body that hot? Every muscle bulges and glistens in the lights, as he stretches for your eyes only. Ente Marco Coello, a tattooed terror with attitude to spare. An aggressive introduction between these two latino studs will see you longing to watch them tie up so those hard as fuck bodies will be clutching one another in a rolling, rollicking fight. But this ain’t your regular two man battle. Both mohawked dudes are here to challenge Jobe Zander, who struts in like the cock of the walk he is. And speaking of cock, wait until you get a load of Zander’s package!

Zander urges the boys to give him a gun show, then inviting Coello to double team Cortijo! Watch as Zander and Coello take full, crushing handfuls of Cortijo’s glorious cock and balls, practically wrenching them off right through his bright orange speedos. Ab punching is the order of the day, as Cortijo’s arms are wrenched behind his head, exposing legendarily hot armpits and rock hard abs that will be put to the test.

The tables are turned when Zander grows bored with Cortijo, inviting him to turn his rage on cutie Coello. Together they wrench his legs apart over and over until he’s screaming and sobbing in agony, feeling the sting of betrayal from Zander. The sight of Cortijo and Zander locking their legs around Coello in an even and symmetrical exchange of power gets Coello screaming, and will get your boner raging harder than ever before.

Of course we all know the winner of every DeCROTCHery battle is Jobe Zander, so just wait until the final fight, when Zander asserts his dominance over both beautiful contenders! An exquisite example of double-teaming, and a tremendous title to collect for anybody especially turned on by watching a daddy-type force his two latino puppies to fight each other!

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