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CAST: Nathan Cortijo, Jobe Zander

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 9/21/2016

If you haven’t yet been introduced to the most excellent mat work of Mr. Nathan Cortijo, you are in for the surprise of a lifetime. If you have seen this man do this thing and rule supreme, you know what to expect. Never has there been a more thrilling new presence in our realm. Confidence, and the strength to back it up, is Cortijo’s appeal. That, and his breathtaking ass, abs, accent, and his massive package. Today said package is barely contained in a shimmering pink piece that makes that low-dangling piece of man meat look like it’s just begging to be fondled, stroked, and unleashed on the world at large. We’re talking about cock size so staggering it’s almost comical, bouncing, flopping, and flailing with a particular muscular effect.

But where is the man equal to such an epic cum cannon? Enter none other than our own Jobe Zander, attired in starburst red, the tip of his own man meat casting shadows. Zander has never been in better shape, and it shows in his strut. As the barefoot boys circle and stare at one another’s packages, you can practically feel the anticipation in the air.

Zander vows to portion out the punishment, exacting a series of brutal stretches, arm twists, hammer locks and more on the tight, toned kid. Zander grinds Cortijo into the floor and wrenches his arms back, exposing those soon-to-be legendary armpits. He’s impressed by the kid’s strength. He’s all to happy to knee him in the guy. How he manages to do all this without even TOUCHING Cortijo’s package is beyond knowing. We’re aching for it, pleasing for it…

A spanking follows, glorious to behold as Zander’s hand striking Cortijo’s muscular ass barely produces a sound due to its total firmness. Cortijo finds himself in the compromising position of a backbreaker, epic cock pointing skyward through that barely-there pink lycra. NOW, we pray, longing for Zander to wrap his fingers around it. Instead he teases us more with abdominal abuse and bicep worship.

But don’t you worry...when Zander grips that astonishing package, it’s worth writing home over. Watch in rapt attention as one big-dicked prick bashes and brutalizes the beautiful, olive-skinned stud’s exquisite manhood, until his flawless lips are parted in an expression of complete and total misery. Zander annihilates Cortijo’s cock and balls, turning them like a jammed door knob for nearly forty minutes, and Cortijo never stops fighting back! Fuck!!

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