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CAST: Hayden Richards,Genesis Luna,Joey Boots,Phillip Aubrey,Joe Clark

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 3/1/2013

We start with a fun story written by a fan and then add in Hayden Richards as The Decimator, Genesis Luna as Mr Spectacular, Joey Boots as Thunder, and Phillip Aubrey as Max Bloom. Add to that the comic book direction of Ron Sexton and we end up with a SUPER SEXXXY story with hot bodies, great acting, and a stunning sex scene.

Max Bloom is in his lab working on a magical portal to receive a supervillain... to his surprise it WORKS and The Decimator arrives. He instructs the Decimator to hunt down Steve Segal and deliver him to his lair. "Bring me Steve Segal and I will deliver someone far more satidfying" say Bloom.

Steve Segal is no match for The Decimator - stunned and delivered to Bloom`s lair. Bloom wants Segal to summons Mr Spectacular... which Segal does and then the party starts. The Decimator stuns Mr Spectacular - freezing him in place as he inspects him and his powers.... Providing Mr Spectacular with a taste of what is in store for him... Bloom pulls a drape and exposes Thunder who is bound, gagged, and suffering in a suspended sling. Blloms instructs The Decimator to go punish Thinder and give Spectacular a sample of what`s to come.

Thunder has been held captive for weeks and has little fight left in him as The Decimator punishes Thunder, working him over in the sling and molesting him yet again. After he unties Thunder from his bondage he throws him on the floor and then wrestles him into submission, then knocks him out with a chokehold. Now time for Mr Spectacular`s turn.... but first a couple challenges... one a test of strength and then a test of smarts.

A weakened Mr Spectacular is beat down, stripped, face fucked, ass fucked, and mind fucked by the sinister duo. Not to be forgotten... Thunder is rip stipped and fucked hard too. Thunder is returned to his prison and meanwhile Mr Spectacular regains himself.... but enough to get away?

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