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CAST: alex stone, bobby vega, brian baxter, brian dawson, brian hansen, brutus, buck gibson, buddy justice, chance caldwell, charley warner, cody braddock, danny bliss, danny sommers, david stark, dillon tate, eric ryan, frank strong, gordon royce, grant king,

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 6/25/2013

UM SHOT COMPILATION! Easily one of the most popular videos in the entire Zeus library, CUM-A-THON delivers 66 of the most universal video watchers' fantasy buttons ....the cum shot. Starring Scott Answer, Brian Baxter, Sonny Beaudreaux, Rusty Behr, Luke Bender, Danny Bliss, Cody Braddock, Brutus, Jeff Burnam, Chance, Caldwell, Serge Caravaggio, Peter Case, Trenton Comeaux, Brian Dawson, Guy DuRoche, J.T.Easton, Buck Gibson. Taylor Griffin, Mat Gunther, Brian Hansen, John Hare, Russ Johannsen, Buddy Justice, Grant King, Steve Landess, Tucker Lofton, Ted Lyon, Ivan Malek, Kevin Marcus, Vinnie Marino, Ray Medina, Tony Mykos, John Panther, Wes Randall, Rapallo, Gordon Royce, Eric Ryan, Danny Sommers, David Stark, Kevin Stedman, Tyler Stetson, Les Stine, Alex Stone, Frank Strong, Dillon Tate, Jeff Tyler, Bobby Vega, Stutz Von Ryker, Harker Wade, Charlie Warner, and Michael White.....ALL blow their wads for you on the same tape!

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