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CAST: Marco Coello,Nathan Cortijo

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 5/10/2016

Marco Coello just made his stunning debut with us in our DeCROTCHery series, blowing our minds as we blew our loads. With all the sensuality of a Caravaggio painting come to life, it's as if he's grown even hotter since we last saw him. That raven black hair in a perfect fade, that lithe, perfectly muscled and inked frame. Just watching him warm up for his next fight is a pleasure and a half. It was only natural that he star in the first title of our new series focused on the art of crotch abuse in wrestling and man-on-man domination.

But who could possibly match him in pure hotness? For that, we had to find somebody new. Meet Nathan Cortijo, a total wow piece with an aggressive sexuality. His body is blessedly different from the pec and shoulder heavy men we see so much of. Cortijo is strong at the core, boasting a solidly built torso and back, powerful thighs below, all meeting in the center in what might be the most impressive piece of ass imaginable. This man has curvature, musculature, and attitude...and his fade is every bit as on point as Coello's.

Coello circles this newcomer, pretending to not know what he's there for, his orange and black trunks unintentionally complimenting the newcomers deep blue speedos. Bare feet step lightly upon the black mat, as these clawing tom cats go toe-to-to as if on the street. It's clear they both have something to prove, challenging one another in musical accents.
The instant they lock up you realize the hidden power of Cortijo...his back is literally rippling with muscles, which seem to appear like a transformer suddenly revealing hidden weapons. Suddenly these two men seem less well-matched. Cortijo tosses Coello aside twice, just testing his opponents strength and growing cockier and more aggressive with each throw.

A finger-locked test of strength has both men grunting like animals, but Cortijo's grunts are completely primal, deep, and reverberating. Coello must feel the vibration, because he is forced backward, only to be smacked, rolled over, and pulled into a violent sleeper, that has him practically screaming like a bitch in harmony with Cortijo's bass rumblings. Coello's package is gripped, twisted, and almost ripped off by the clearly dominant Cortijo.
You can actually pinpoint the exact moment Coello realizes it's hopeless, as he sobs and suffers and does everything but cry actual tears. Cortijo seems to be feeding off of his bitches pain, adding more and more pressure to each hold, and punctuating each release with an added kick, slap, or insulting remark.

"Yeah, you like that little bitch?" he asks, face twisted in a vindictive sneer.

To his credit, NOBODY suffers like Coello, and at no point in time does it feel like Coello isn't fighting back, or at least trying to, which gives the entire fight a surprisingly strong through line. It's actually hard to tear one's eyes away from the constant, torturous holds.
"Shut the fuck up!" Cortijo orders, while squeezing Coello's cock and balls with what has to be almost all his might. Never does the crotch abuse feel light, forgiving, or staged. Every gripping finger seems focused on total annihilation of an opponent's manhood.
Soon the sweat begins to coat Cortijo's astonishing body with a shine that only seems to give him more animalistic strength and aggression. Coello is treated to a face full of Cortijo's sweaty crotch, while the champion treats viewers to a gunshow and front row seats to his hairy armpits an sweat drenched chest.

But Cortijo makes a fatal mistake. Overconfidence is a killer, and while starring in his own personal gun show in a mounted position, Coello finds the opportunity and actually manages to buck his rider. Like a young hero in a fantasy novel, Coello slowly rises to his full height once again, determined to pay the piper by pulling, punishing, kicking, squeezing, and smashing the pipe contained in those blue speedos.

Will Coello destroy the seemingly unstoppable newcomer, or will Cortijo regain his grip on Coello's indescribably package and finish him once and for all?
Welcome to our new Crotch Attack series!

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