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CAST: Darius Akin, Thom Barron, Ben, Eduardo Cortez, Jake Corwin, Damion, Josh Ford, Felix Groth, John Hawk, Karl Johnson, Lupus, Franko Potente, Will Ride, Christoph Scharff, Max Schneider, Anthony Spell, Timmi, Tim Vinzent, Wade, Wolff, Willi Wonder

DIRECTOR: Chip Daniels

RELEASE DATE: 1/31/2009

Cazzo Films, Germany's top gay studio and Chip Daniels of Centaur Films proudly present German star, Thom Barron in a spectacular epic movie, featuring a cast of 21 studs.
Copuntdown will probably be a big seller and award-winner when x-rated awards are handed out next year. The story is simple. Franko Potente gets a call from Barron, who is in a men's room in Tiergarten Park, on the other side of Berlin. If Franko wants to have sex with Thom, he must get there within two hours. Broke and with his car in the shop, Potente has to travel on foot. As he runs through Berlin, he encounters many obstacles, which impede his mission.
His cell phone is snatched by a stranger (Eduardo Cortez), whom Franko chases into a building. Finally, he finds Cortez, who is sucking his master's (Jake Corwin) big cock. While Jake is cumming, Potente manages to grab his phone and continue his expedition.
Space does not permit me to describe all nine scenes here. All are worthy of note, but I'll highlight a couple that stand out. While racing past a gay club, our sprinter is grabbed by Wolff (blond porn star of the '90s) and dragged inside. There, four black German go-go boyz are pole dancing. Their bulging crotches are very enticing and Wolff joins them, getting naked - hungry for sex. Franko is mesmerized by this erotic display, as the action gets raunchier with Wolff blowing all four studs and then getting royally fucked by Will Ride and Karl Johnson. Fantastic cam work showcases muscular bodies, bubble-butts and mammoth dicks plugging Wolff's greedy mancunt.
Running against time, Potente stops in a public john and witnesses two skinheads (Tim Vinzent, Ben) ”raping” a trampy Asian whore (Damion) who gets slapped around and forced to suck cock. Both men eventually plow him mercilessly.
A taxicab hits Franko. The passengers (Lupus, Timmi) and the driver deposit the unconscious Potente inside the trunk and take off. In the backseat, the two hunky satyrs have sex while the driver spies on them through the rearview mirror. Hot! When the duo finishes fucking, they open the trunk and an unhurt Potente jumps out and continues his journey.
Arriving at his destination, late, he finds Thom zipping up after his encounter with another stud, Christoph Scharff. But, something happens - the countdown freezes and time reverses, just far enough to allow Franko to arrive just as Barron and Scharff are in the midst of sucking cock! Beckoned by Thom, he joins them. Both men ravish the naughty little stud. Christoph shoves his large dick inside Franko, loosening that tunnel for the bigger prize. Barron's wood is huge, but Potente bravely offers his hole, allowing Thom to painfully stretched it to the maximum.
Afterwards, Barron is rather cold and aloof, but Chris and Franko seem to have ”found” one another. This is first-rate filmmaking directed by Sven Jungbluth. It has everything you'd want in the porn film and more.

DVD Extras: Photo Gallery