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RELEASE DATE: 5/14/2009

COP WRESTLING (STARRING: SCOTT DAVIS VS. DAVID PIERRE)This is a sequel event to “Beach Patrol”, the full multi-scene video BG produced a few years ago. David Pierre plays a cop from France, on loan to the LAPD, and assigned to accompany Scott Davis on “Beach Patrol”. Subsequent events by young criminals involve both cops in gay sex scenarios. Both David and Scott end up, after their trying day, relaxing on a couch drinking water. They have both seen the video in which, separately, they dealt with their individual situations. They accuse the other of being “gay”. Both deny it. It is then agreed that they would settle their dispute on the wrestling mat. And the outcome would determine who was “gay”. The wrestling is all-out freestyle. While David Pierre is bigger and stronger, it is Scott Davis who has the upper hand with his speed, hold knowledge, and good strength as well. He does kick David’s ass. David, eventually realizing he cannot compete in wrestling, switches tactics. Every chance he gets he grabs hold of Scott’s cock, either jacking it or sucking it. Eventually this drains Scott Davis of his strength and his desire to continue wrestling. Ultimately he just lays back on the wrestling mat and lets Davis suck his rapidly growing fat cock. He then makes a mistake, his first. He challenges David to a “lets see who cums first”. He loses. At the end we realize David is “gay”, and at the very minimum Scott is “bi-sexual”.

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