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CAST: Beau Bradley,DannyLong,Marco D'Salvo,Mark Steele,Rocky James,Ron Masters


RELEASE DATE: 6/25/2008

The Vancouver roster of wrestling hunks has proven so popular with you fans that Boss Sexton asked studio manager Beau Bradley to put together some sexy new outdoor oil wrestling matches. And as a special treat, one very lucky Vancouver-based fan was given the opportunity to wrestle Bradley himself! Set mainly in a lush and luxurious back yard on the outskirts of the city, Canadian Outdoor Oil Wrestling is a must for you body worship fans. Each match starts with a long and lingering body love fest of the wrestlers oiling themselves up. The camera misses nothing, and the extreme close-ups of those sinewy, bulging muscles are absolutely mouth-watering. Keep the Windex handy in case you get too close to your TV screen!

Match one features Beau vs. the dark and mysterious Rocky James (last seen in Vancouver Beach Wrestling 2). Rocky's body gets better every time we film it, and Beau finds out just how big those muscles are when his head gets crushed between Rocky's meaty pecs and biceps. Beau is an experienced and skilled wrestler for sure, but Rocky is just too strong. Despite a few good choke outs and Full Nelsons, Beau is simply dominated. And Rocky finally proves it by tossing him in the pool.

In Match two, Danny Long (Wrestle by Me) and Ron Masters (Hockey Havoc) grapple on a high school football field. If you ever had fantasies of beating up the school yard bully, this one is for you. Long is the trash-talking bully who slaps Masters around, calling him a "pussy" and a "skinny wimp". Long dominates most of the match by getting Masters in continual body stretching submissions. Not satisfied with the level of pain the stretches cause, he use the holds to give him the leverage to work over Masters pecs and abs with slaps, punches, and nail-digging clenches. But Masters finds his inner strength and dramatically turns the tables. With a succession of Camel Clutches, Full Nelsons, Boston Crabs, and plain old head butts, he beats the bully down.

Match three features Rocky back for more against Marco D'Salvo (Vancouver Wrestling Hunks). As Rocky oils himself up for this one, it's obvious he loves the feel of his own body - and who can blame him? His meaty dick is practically bursting through his skimpy white posing trunks. Marco is more evenly matched against Rocky than Beau was, and he manages some spectacular ab, pec, and nipple punishment as well as some neck and torso crushing leg scissors. But Rocky is resourceful with his choke holds, surf boards, and leg and arm breakers. This one could go either way, and a sleeper ends it.

Match four is the special treat as you get to watch a genuine Beau Bradley/Can-Am fan get to wrestle his idol. Mark Steele begged and pleaded, and his prayers were answered by Beau and Boss Sexton. Steele is clearly fixated on Beau's ass as hold after hold leaves it open and vulnerable. Will Beau take it easy on the fan or let him have it? You'll have to watch and find out, but this one gets naked and features an explosive and surprising finish!

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