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CAST: Aaron Aubrey, Rip Beretta, Rob Frank, Rich Monet, Johnny Lightning, Derek, Thor, Jimmy Dean,


RELEASE DATE: 10/22/2004

BOUT #1: AARON AUBREY VS. RIP BERETTA: Aubrey: 5'7",150#, 19 yo. Beretta: 5'8",170#, 19 yo. Rip has a gorgeous muscular body. If you are into bi's and tri's, Rip has one beautiful set of guns. And as you will discover Rip also has a nice sized dick. Aaron wears green trunks which highlights beautifully his huge cock. You could almost sense the enjoyment when Aaron shoves his cock very close to Rip's face then twists on his tits. Rip outlasts Aaron in the first fall, applying a novel submission. Rip grabs Aaron's arm, pulls it through Aaron's crotch, securing it. Rip bars Aaron's other arm and pulls back. In the second fall Aaron gets more aggressive and so does Rip. Rip starts to tit twist and lets loose with some serious spanking, and even adds a ball grab. At the start of the 3rd fall Hard-On wrestling begins. Once his trunks are off, and Rip's hard-on is roaring. When Rip tells Aaron that it is time for "Daddy to take him home", we know that there is some serious fantasy role playing going on in 19 y/o Rip's mind. BOUT #2: ROB FRANK VS. RICH MONET: Frank: 6'6", 238#, 22 yo. Monet: 5'10", 200#, 23 yo. Rich is very aggressive with Rob in the first fall. Being out weighed as much as he is, Rich Monet has to undertake very aggressive tactics in order to level the playing field. So he simply bites Rob to do so. It stops Frank temporarily, but not for long. In the second fall, while on his stomach and trapped in a leglock, Rob suffers the indignity of having his beautiful butt spanked a number of times. Rob eventually forces Rich into a corner and starts to lay on some heavy tit twisting. Rich retaliates with even heavier tit twists, and forces Rob to the mat. A tit-twisting war ensues. Rob Frank loses the battle. When Rich turns around in his corner he is sporting a massive hard-on as he anticipates the third and final fall. He goes over to the prone Rob Frank and forcibly removes his trunks. There is one neat sequence when Rob Frank is on his knees. Rich is on his stomach. Rob is half heartedly spanking Rich's butt. You see Rob's huge hanging dick and Rob's hand coming down on Rich's butt. But both are turned on by what has happened and fans of J/ O are treated to a "double." BOUT #3: JOHNNY LIGHTNING VS. DEREK: Lightning: 5'10",185#, 22 yo. Derek: 6'1", 220#, 19 yo. Derek will not be a pushover. He is very strong and quite capable of crushing any grappler. In an amazing show of strength, endurance and skill Johnny Lightning not only survives much of what Derek dishes out to him in the first fall, but he wins it with a one handed hangman. Along the way he deliciously hands out some spunky ass slapping, frequent head butts, and secures Derek in some sexy holds. Derek for his part exhibits his strength by simply muscling out of many of Lightning's holds. It's different in the second fall. Derek disposes of Johnny with a crushing bearhug. Johnny, complaining of back pain, soon is stroked into a more soothing mood as Derek expertly massages Lightning's back at the end of the second fall. You'll also see Derek start to rub his own huge dick as it's obvious that what he is doing to Johnny Lightning is turning him on. BOUT #4: THOR VS. JIMMY DEAN: Thor: 5'10", 200#, 26 yo. Dean: 5'10",160#, 19 yo. Thor looks with disdain on his opponent and figures to crush him with muscle at the opening. He does. He employs a big squeezing bearhug that pulverizes Jimmy's lean muscular body, a side headscissors that squashes Dean's head like a melon. Much Thor muscle flexing. The only way Jimmy Dean will survive a contest like this is to use all his ring savvy in as cruel a way as possible. Otherwise he will be just so much ringmeat for Thor. With his right Jimmy Dean reaches down into Thor's trunks from behind, shoves his hand along Thor's asscrack, and grabs on to his big balls. As Thor bellows in pain, Jimmy Dean marches him slowly around the ring not letting go, not easing up on the pain. Slowly Thor is forced to his knees, then to his stomach. Dean's arm and hand remain in his trunks, locked on to his balls. All of Thor's willingness to fight is gone. Dean slowly eases up. He changes it from a ball squeeze to a ball massage. Who will ultimately win? Whoever does will make the other Jack-off in a wrestling hold.

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