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CAST: Aaron Aubrey, Russ Dodd, Armond Fatah, Phil Spencer, Beretta, Joshua, Rich Monet, Junior,


RELEASE DATE: 2/23/2009

BOUT #1: AARON AUBREY VS. JUNIOR: Aubrey: 5`7", 150#, 19 yo. Junior: 6`, 175#, 20 YO. Aaron has his work cut out for him in this matchup against an opponent who weighs 25# more than he does. But Aaron has a better knowledge of wrestling holds as you`ll see. The only thing he has to watch out for is Junior`s use of his weight and leverage. Another feature of this fall is some trunk wedging and ball squeezing. Junior sits on Aaron`s upper body, shifting his crotch close to and onto Aaron`s face. Aaron flails away to try to get out of this dangerous position, but all Junior does is grab his legs and bend them back over Aaron`s head. Junior grinds his crotch into Aaron`s face. Aaron ultimately submits and his cock betrays him. Junior says, "You like this?" Apparently both do. They both are sporting hard-ons. Their trunks come down, their hard-ons pop out. It takes Aaron awhile for his competitive juices to start flowing, as he seems to be having a good time taking some heavy petting and caressing from Junior.

BOUT #2: PHIL SPENCER VS. RUSS DODD: Spencer: 5`11", 210#, 20 yo. Dodd: 5`8", 205#, 32 yo. Russ at 32 yo will appeal to those who like a more mature bodybuilder. A very nice pairing: Maturity vs. Youth. Phil, a good-looking rugged marine-type with a buzz-cut, wears blue underwear. Russ wears white underwear. Russ Dodd manages to come out on top in this first fall with a well applied double hammer/neck lock combo. Seeing Phil trying to disengage himself from this hold is better than seeing guys flex at a physique contest. The character of the second fall changes dramatically. There is spanking, ball squeezing. And when Phil Spencer puts Russ Dodd in what appears to be a sleeper, causing Russ to nearly black out, this probably is the turning point for Phil, as it causes a deterioration in Russ`s strength and ability to outlast Phil. The third fall is surprisingly violent. Biting, spitting, punching, lots of ball squeezing. It appears that youth will win out over maturity, until the last, when Russ throws on a cobra clutch, shifting it to a sleeper when the grease allows Phil to slip out of the clutch. It`s time for the "youngster" to go to bed.

BOUT #3: JOSHUA VS. BOYTOY: Joshua: 5`8", 165#, 20 yo. Boytoy: 5`10", 170#, 19 yo. Both wear white underwear. It isn`t until Joshua starts to choke out Boytoy, then rolls him over into a camel clutch, that the winner of the first fall becomes immediately apparent. In the second fall the grapplers get playfully very rough with each other. This includes super wedgies, trunk pulling, hard tit working, rough spanking. Boytoy is obviously much more aggressive, reacting to Joshua`s aggression. And Boytoy goes on to defeat Joshua in the second fall with a combination full nelson/body scissors. Then Joshua is treated to a back massage. The result: Hard-Ons and the third fall. In this fall Joshua certainly gets the worst of it. He`s on his stomach most of the time enduring a spanking, hammerlock holds, or leg holds. He`s ultimately defeated with a surfboard. And all he can do is slowly crawl towards the edge of the ring in humiliation and defeat.

BOUT #4: RICH MONET VS. RIP BERETTA: (Brothers in Heat) Monet: 5`10", 200#, 23 yo. Beretta: 5`8", 180#, 19 yo. Rich and Rip used to wrestle a lot as kids. This oil-pit grappling carries their whole wrestling relationship one big giant step further. A big erotic and sensual giant step further. In the first fall there is biting, choking and mucho delicious spanking. The butts are beautiful, the spanking is hard, the butt flexing a turn-on. The match goes from red hot to white hot in the second fall. Take all that has gone on before and add in ball squeezing, nipple and pec play and face sitting/rubbing. Rich does manage to win the second fall with a total Beretta limb tieup. As he massages his defeated little brother, Rip is a sexual volcanic explosion waiting to happen. His shapely hard little butt is humping the mat a million miles an hour. This erotic roller coaster will take you on the wildest ride yet -right up to the fantastic intertwined double J/O explosion. Whew!

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