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CAST: Aaron Aubrey, David Mitchel, Derek, Gregorio Valente, Jimmy Dean, John thor, Johnny Lightning, Rip Beretta,


RELEASE DATE: 8/1/2011

BOUT #1: THOR Vs. DEREK: Thor: 5`10", 200#, 26 yo. DEREK: 6`1", 221#, 19 YO. The first submission has Derek sitting on Thor`s chest. He grabs both of Thor`s legs and brings them over to touch the mat behind Thor`s head. A heels over head submission. Throughout most of the second fall Derek continues to maintain his wrestling dominance, but you do start to see him begin to enjoy this bout against Thor in a more "sensual" way. And when Thor traps him in a full nelson with his legs folded in a most uncomfortable position the erotic flavor of this bout really takes off. After Derek submits he falls on to his stomach, rubbing his legs. Thor jumps on top of him and begins to slap his ass, one continuous slap after another. Derek is obviously enjoying what happens to him, and so is Thor. This third "fall" is a steamer. And at the end, when Derek is sitting on top of Thor, he`s telling his defeated opponent that he`s going to have to cum before he can leave the oilpit. Thor can definitely handle that. Thor blasts his big load. BOOT #2: DAVID MICHEL VS. AARON AUBREY: Michel: 5`10", 155#, 26 yo. Aubrey: 5`8", 158#, 19 yO. If you enjoy spanking, then this match is for you. Aaron`s ass gets spanked as few have in this series. At the end of the first fall after Aaron has been through a lot of "hell", and has just submitted to a "shoving cock in the face" heels over head submission, a triumphant David Michel gets to his feet and as the scene fades you can here him say, "I should take out my cock and shoot a load all over you right now!" You`ll see a lot of cock grabbing, trunk pulling/wedging, cock stretching, tit twisting and pulling, and more spanking. But in a remarkable J/O scene after the match, you can tell that David has gained a great deal of respect for Aaron . The two put on a cum-drenching J/O scene that will sear your TV screen. BOUT #3: RIP BERETTA VS. GREGORIO VALENTE: Berreta: 5`8",180#, 19 yo. Valente: 5`9",178#, 31 yo. Valente`s cock is rockhard by the third round as you`ll see. Gregorio provides Rip with some good equal competition. Rip had to work hard for his first fall victory. In the second fall the verbal tones down, but the grunting and eroticism heat up. You can tell that Rip is definitely getting off on the body contact. At one point he`s got Gregorio`s legs tied up and he pauses to spank and erotically rub Valente`s ass - not just once or twice, but for a longer sustained period. Gregorio definitely has a better time of it in the second fall. Having got used to and being better able to wrestle Rip. He wins the fall with a heels over head pin/submission. We know that Rip is getting off at the same time he is giving up, for when the trunks come off at the start of the third fall, Rip is almost rock hard. BOUT #4: JOHNNY LIGHTNING VS. JIMMY DEAN: Lightning: 5`10", 190#, 22 yo. Dean: 5`10",160#, 19 yo. Lightning announces that the winner will make the loser J/O at the end of the bout and it`s not Lightning who will lose. Dean retorts that he`ll be making Lightning J/O. We`re thinking. "Yeah, Sure!" Johnny pays a lot of attention to Dean`s sculpted ass, and who can blame him! Wedgies! Spanking! Lots of leg and crotch spreads and it is in fact one of these that leads to Dean`s first fall submission. Dean`s on his stomach. His legs are being stretched to the max. Lightning reaches over, pulls Dean`s oil soaked briefs halfway down his ass. He spanks his ass. Dean is sufficiently hurting so that it is relatively easy to set him up for a leg full nelson. You do not get out of that hold once locked. Dean doesn`t and has to submit. The second fall is totally erotic. Hard-ons, dicks slapped in face, limbs bound by discarded undergear, undergear stuffed in mouth, ball/ dick grabbing, tit work - no one wrestler getting the total advantage of the other until the very end when Dean goes down to a surfboard for a two straight fall loss. To emphasize his dominance Lightning whacks Dean`s ass with his own shorts - complete match ending humiliation. Then Dean puts on a J/O performance for Lightning and for us that only Jimmy Dean is able to do.

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