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CAST: David Michel, Stephen Gibson, Billy Paul, Gregorio Valente, Rob Frank, Derek, Scott Berrego, Raul Byrini,


RELEASE DATE: 10/12/2004

Bout #1: Raul Byrini vs. Scott Berrego: Byrini: 5`8", 178#, 22 yo. Berrego: 5`5", 150#, 26 yo. Scott`s smooth, muscular physique, and extraordinarily handsome features give him a "come fuck me" look that is hard to resist. The lighter wrestler, Scott, is aggressive from the outset. You`ll love it as he completely manhandles the struggling Raul. Raul`s light grey underwear is so oil-soaked that it falls into his asscrack and completely hugs, grips, and outlines his huge crotch. To see Scott`s muscularity flex and glisten as he makes Raul squirm, helpless and hapless, in a variety of holds from beautiful torso squeezing body scissors to hammers, is a visual turn-on all by itself. Watching Raul in action it`s almost as if he`s living an erotic fantasy, quite content to "suffer` in the grip of muscular, handsome Scott. To add humiliation to Raul`s "trial by oil", Scott spanks his gorgeous ass from time to time. Raul continues to suffer beautifully at Scott`s hands throughout the first fall right up to his "l give" as he rides atop Berrego, helpless and squirming in a combination body scissors/full nelson. Bout #2: David Michel vs. Stephen Gibson: Michel: 5`10",155#, 26 yo. Gibson: 5`10",148#, 24 yo. This matchup is as sexy as it gets. Take Stephen Gibson, male stripper, and perhaps more. Match him against street-wise, very experienced David Michel. Listen to the humiliating verbal abuse laid on Stephen Gibson. The character of David Michel is kind of summed up when somewhere along the way he tells Stephen, "I fuck guys like you for appetizers"! Watch how David Michel handles his "boy-toy". The opening challenge from Michel is clear, "after I pin you down you`re going to have cum dripping from your chin." Stephen says in response, "l don`t think so." A total mistake on his part! Eventually Stephen gives up and while David makes good on his pledge of cuming, the actual "shoot" falls short of Stephen`s chin. Bout #3: Billy Paul vs. Gregorio Valente: Paul: 5`7",160#, 22 yo. Valente: 5`9",175#, 31 yo. Gregorio Valente may have Italian heritage but honest to goodness, he looks like the typical well-muscled, slightly tattooed jar-head. Muscle-wise this is the hottest visual matchup on this video. White "hunt-club" underwear are worn by both grapplers. The oil seeps through the white making them virtually opaque. The oily underwear grips and clings, dips and rides, accentuates and exposes. And on two hot muscled bodies like Billy and Gregorio, these are definite positives. Right from the start the two rock-hard muscled bodies of Billy and Gregorio yank, pull, stretch, and wedge each other`s briefs, slap each other`s butt, grope each other`s crotch. Bout #4: rob frank vs. Derek: frank: 6`6", 238#, 22 yo. Derek: 6`1", 235#, 19 yo. When the wrestlers go at each other at the top of the first fall, the whole thing gets highly erotic. On their knees the grapplers approach each other like two bulls in heat - butting chests - challenging each other verbally and with body language as they grip hands in a test of strength. And it is actually Derek who overpowers Rob and who continually pretty much controls him for the entire first fall including some very "in your face" dick rubbing. After a lengthy first fall of almost total domination the 19 yo, 235# hulk puts his legs around Rob and squeezes the shit out of him. When this doesn`t elicit a submission, the teen gives Rob a serious wedgie and slaps the shit out of his ass. Under this triple pressure, Rob Frank doesn`t take too long in giving up. As the second fall opens we see Rob, on his stomach, grinding his ass. Derek comes up behind him, slowly and seductively strips Rob of his oil soaked underwear. He stands up, strips his own underwear, lies down on top of Rob and with a monstrous hard-on ends up self massaging it along the crack of Rob`s ass. If this whole erotic nude, slow-moving and sensual scene doesn`t give you a hard-on of your own, you should have your libido examined. Essentially the second fall is a total and mutual exploration of each other`s bodies: hands lovingly moving over and exploring every nude inch of each other - from their cocks to their butts, from their pecs to their legs.

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