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CAST: Doug Brandon, Andy Sutton, Johnny Tempest, Steve Strummer, Anton Blade, Vito Venezia, Skip Roberts, Steve Troy,


RELEASE DATE: 4/22/2002

Boss Sexton went digging in his private vault and found some more unreleased treasures to continue one of our longest running series - Canadian Musclehunk Wrestling. And 13 is definitely your lucky number, because he found two new matches with Skip Roberts and Doug Brandon. There’s a reason their wrestling suits created a bidding war in recent eBay® auctions - you fans can’t get enough of Skip and Doug! And these matches capture them in their prime. Skip’s body is impossibly flawless, and Doug’s attitude is consistently mean. Andy Sutton finds that out in match one. Sutton is full of a raw energy that would send the timid for the hills. But for Doug it’s just the spark that will light his fuse. Longtime fans know that “Dirty Doug” never disappoints. In match two, Steve Strummer amps up a storm of trouble in Johnny Tempest. But Steve better watch out because that storm could become a hurricane. In match three, Anton Blade thinks he has an edge over Vito Venezia. But a hot, tight body isn’t enough to be the last man standing. Vito takes true sadistic pleasure in dulling this Blade with his superior brute strength. Match four is the special treat of Skip Roberts up against fellow bodybuilder Steve Troy. Getting to see Skip flex those muscles is worth the price of admission alone. Add in Doug Brandon and all these newcomers, and how can you lose? Pawn your jewels for this new found treasure!

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