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CAST: Bart Tyler, Duff Robertson, Joe Phillips, Kurt hannigan, Larry Janson, Peter Ravell, Skip Roberts, Time Rogers,


RELEASE DATE: 12/20/2009

The longest running series in the Can-Am library continues with four more gems from the private collection of Boss Sexton.

In number 12, you get to revisit incredibly sexy Can-Am favorites Skip Roberts, Bart Tyler, Peter Ravell, and Larry Janson. And as an added treat, you get bodybuilder studs Kurt Hannigan and Joe Phillips in their one and only video appearances!

First up, Bart Tyler challenges Peter Ravell to a match by saying: "I`m gonna split your fuckin` ass in half!" Ravell immediately meets that challenge by cornering Tyler with repeated body slams, knee raises, flips, and chokes. Tyler spends most of round one looking like a rag doll, and only gains an advantage after biting Ravell on the leg. Stunned, Ravell then ends up being pile driven into the mat. So Ravell spends round two turning Tyler into a human pretzel. You`ll swear Tyler left the ring with a few inches added to his arms and legs after getting wishboned in the corner and mercilessly stretched over Ravell`s meaty back. But Tyler puts up a good fight and is quick enough to overtake Ravell more than once. Watch for the surprise "twist" that ends it.

Up next are Larry Janson and Tim Rogers playing a game of cards. Janson accuses Rogers of cheating and a brawl breaks out. The beefier Janson gains the early advantage with a brutal Bow & Arrow. But Rogers the cheater finds ways to match Janson every time he ups the ante, even using his belt as a whip and a choker! You`ll see painful Full Nelsons, gut kicks, Arm Bars, Clotheslines, and a helluva Helicopter in this lively match.

Those of you who like your meat thick will enjoy the double quarter pounder showdown of Duff Robertson and Joe Phillips. These brutes fight hard and fall hard. Pretty evenly sized muscle for muscle, they quickly discover that pec and face rakes work wonders when you want to get the upper hand. Plus watch for what starts out as a standard Clothesline set-up from Phillips and turns into a stunning double-footed drop kick. You`ll want to super size this one!

Finally Can-Am superstar Skip Roberts takes on the envy-inducing Kurt Hannigan. Skip must have thought he took a wrong turn into an amusement park, because he spends a lot of time in the air with some wild rides from Kurt. Skip is relentlessly flung, body-dropped, surf-boarded, and punched all over the ring. And Kurt deliberately punches whereever Skip hurts the most. Skip`s speed and agility save him from total humiliation, slowing Kurt down by brutalizing his arms and legs. He even manages to choke Kurt with his own bulging biceps. Find out if speed or brawn take the day!

(Unfortunately, there are no photos of the Janson/Rogers match. But we assure you, they`re hot, and so is the match!

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