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CAST: Robby Jamison, Clark Woodson, Harley Michaels, Andy Sutton, Bart Tyler, Andy Roberts, Peter Ravell, Luc Bronski,


RELEASE DATE: 4/27/2009

CANADIAN MUSCLEHUNK WRESTLING 11 delivers four pro actioners featuring Can-Am favorites Bart Tyler, Andy Sutton, Andy Roberts, and Peter Ravell, plus four new hardbodies for your jack-off pleasure.

Match One: ROBBY JAMISON VS CLARK WOODSON. Exotic Jamaican bodybeautiful Robby Jamison wearing overstuffed super bulge blue trunks battles youthful tightbody Clark Woodson in very small yellow bikinis. Over eager youth wins the first fall, but young Clark Woodson suffers long and loses the next two falls and the match to muscular Robby Jamison.

Match Two: HARLEY MICHAELS VS ANDY SUTTON. Popular wiry bodied Andy Sutton in pink trunks takes on bigger bodybuilder Harley Michaels wearing peach trunks in a very hot "David & Goliath" pro meatbeater. Andy forces a first fall submission from handsome Harley with a double arm stretch back breaker; but takes a long hard beating finally submitting to comeback Harley`s Boston Crab. And just like David and Goliath, Andy out-smarts big Harley Michaels and wins the match with a body leglock and neck breaker submission from "Goliath".

Match Three: BART TYLER VS ANDY ROBERTS. Buffed out Bart Tyler first wearing white Karate gear then his trademark pink bikini takes on studhunk Andy Roberts wearing red bikinis. Both these big boys like to hurt each other, and both prove they can take a lot of pain. Andy nearly breaks Bart`s muscular right arm for a 1st fall submission. Payback is painful and the fall two loser is Andy suffering a series of choke holds. Who wins this evenly matched battle of the hunks? Check it out.

Match Four: PETER RAVELL VS LUC BRONSKI. This muscle watcher`s match showcases hardbody Peter Ravell wearing yellow bikinis against youthful looking bodybuilder Luc Bronski in pink bikinis. Even those these two muscleboys appear evenly matched, veteran mat man Ravell out dirty-fights newcomer Bronski taking the match in two straight falls. Number eleven of Can-Am`s highly successful series, this CANADIAN MUSCLEHUNK WRESTLING delivers more jack off muscle bashing action than your dicks can stand.

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