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CAST: Johnny Lightning, Cliff Conlin, Golden Eagle, Beau Hopkins, Tom Flex, Lionheart, James Blond,


RELEASE DATE: 1/12/2004

Bout #1: johnny lightning vs. Cliff conlin. lightning: 5'10", 190#, 21 yo. Conlin: 5'10", 175#,18 yo. Johnny starts out in charge, but when he throws Conlin into the ropes he ends up with a big boot in the center of his chest ending up in an arm stretch. This first fall has some neat body scissor holds and when Johnny gets Conlin's head trapped between his powerful thighs, look out! Big thigh muscle flexing and Conlin chokes from the pressure. Conlin comes back with some rough stuff of his own including an unbelievable knee lift direct to Lightning's face, and you don't think that hurts? Ouch! This is the turning point of the fall. A big body slam and a Boston crab have Johnny Lightning on energy fade and in pain. He gives! At the top of the second fall the two grapplers challenge each other to a battle of forearm smashes. Lightning loses. Conlin starts out like a house of fire. He's got Lightning backed into a corner and is assaulting him without hindrance. The arrogance of a winner takes hold and he makes a fatal mistake. He stands back and verbally assaults Johnny. Suddenly Lightning strikes! He grabs Conlin, throws him into the corner he's just come out of, and starts to methodically wear down the west coast wrestling star. Shifting from one hold to another Lightning never lets Conlin go, right up to Cliff's submission. The match is even 1-1. At the beginning of the decider fall Johnny gives Cliff a double biceps pose and asks him if "he wants some more of this" Cliff falls victim to a very muscular headlock and some more corner bashing, but in a stunning reversal he soon has Johnny Lightning worn out through a series of vicious choke holds.

Bout #2: golden eagle vs. Beau hopkins. Eagle: 5'10", 210#, 29 yo. Hopkins, 5'11", 205#, 21 yo. Beau Hopkins has to be the "heartthrob" of this video, and he will certainly enter the Can-Am list of all-time best lookers with a muscular body that doesn't quit. Golden Eagle, with considerably more wrestling ability, trashes him from beginning to end in as total a squash job as any wrestling match can get. Hopkins has the potential to make you eat your heart out. Needless to say that whenever possible our camera gets down and dirty in producing Beau Hopkins video body angles that are guaranteed to raise your temperatures and perhaps something else. And you talk about skimpy trunks ending up in cracks of asses.... Whew! Ass watchers will have a field day in this matchup. But(t!) let's shift our attention to Golden Eagle for a moment. Some will find this big, brawny, bodybuilder with ultra-muscular legs will fit their own idea of visuals just as nicely as Hopkins.

Bout #3: flex vs. Lionheart. Flex: 5'11", 203#, 28 yo. Lionheart: 6'0", 200#, 30 yo. Flex has a bodyfat quotient of virtually zero. There is as much muscle definition on this hot looking grappler as could possibly be slabbed on to any human being. In the first fall there is some hot ring rope action, for example when Lionheart throws Flex into the ropes expecting to clothesline him only to be on the receiving end of one himself, or when Flex comes off the ropes and jumps on top of Lionheart sending him to the mat, or when Lionheart comes off the ropes and almost ends up decapitated by the ring ropes on his throat. The first fall mostly features Lionheart trapped in holds in which Flex delights in posing for the camera. Flex shows us why his name is so apt. Flex is lifted off the mat and is squeezed. Seeing Flex's very muscular body up in the air, flailing about, being squeezed by a pair of muscular arms, Lionheart's crotch to Flex's ass, is an anatomy chart in motion. The bearhug shifts crotch to crotch, chest to chest. The visuals get even better. Flex is hurting, he's corner bombed, he's choked, he's bear hugged again and again.

Bout #4: james blond vs. Johnny lightning. Blond: 6', 205#, 23 yo. Lightning: 5'10",190#, 21 yo. James Blond looks like the ultimate, handsome, muscular, heart-throbbing California beach boy. That long blond hair you see is natural, bleached out by the sun. James appears in ring center in tight bike pants and does a brief warmup. No, he doesn't wrestle in them. Instead he turns around and takes them off, stripping down to a pair of flowery briefs. A killer tan, dark glasses, and white boots complete the look. Johnny Lightning jumps into the ring in his purple t-back and white boots and lays into James Blond with some forearms to the chest. James thinks he has been hit by a gnat, laughs, and says, "is that all you got?" Johnny responds with a direct hit flying drop kick that totally lays Blond out on the mat. Blond is bashed and trashed after this, but make no mistake this big blond musclehunk is no pushover. Johnny has to work for it. You'll certainly see Johnny's villainy skills sharpened in this matchup.

Bout #5: golden eagle and johnny lightning vs. James blond and flex: (tag team action !) Cliff Conlin refs. We told him there were to be no hard and fast rules. Keep everything loose, but try to keep two wrestlers in the ring at a time. Try! Needless to say the muscular visuals in this match reach new heights of delights. The team of Blond and Flex work very well together and they have the edge in the first fall. Eagle and Lightning test some villainy but it isn't until the second fall that their team strategy comes together.

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