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CAST: Jimmy Royce, Doug Davis, Steve Arnold, Jeff Hunt, Wyld Child, John St. James, Paul Perris, Roman Stone,


RELEASE DATE: 4/25/2008

BOUT #1: JIMMY ROYCE VS. DOUG DAVIS: ROYCE: 5'10", 180#, 22. DAVIS: 5'10", 170#, 24. Within 30 seconds of the opening of this match the oil and Davis's handling have forced one whole side of Jimmy's trunks into his ass crack. Wonder of wonders, Doug Davis actually wins the second fall and with a hold so juicy you may linger forever on freeze or frame by frame it's a combo full nelson/body scissors and as the camera zooms in on a frontal of Royce in agony notice the way the oil makes the trunks sag around and outline Jimmy's nice sized cock. Delicious indeed!" Doug is not so lucky in the third fall. A seated surfboard with Royce's foot in Doug's lower back gives Jimmy beautiful leverage to extract a pained submission from Davis. A very sexy visual matchup with some great holds sold by some awesome suffering. BOUT #2: STEVE ARNOLD VS. JEFF HUNT: ARNOLD: 5'8", 200#, 21. HUNT: 5'11",195#, 23. Those in to bicep flexing will be more than satisfied in the "oiling-up" segment. This dude has some beautiful "guns." He's up this time against a grappler closer to his own height and weight. But for Steve this match does not begin so auspiciously. If this were about winning on points, Steve Arnold definitely would be in the lead going into the final two minutes or so. He was using his huge muscular thighs to torture the midsection of his opponent, Jeff Hunt. But Jeff shocked Steve with a literal "head-cracking" head butt. Check out this portion of this bout yourself. That laid Arnold out flat, setting him up for an easy camel clutch win for Hunt. Fans of sexy-type trunks will enjoy this bout. The oil highlights all the hills and valleys, and especially on Hunt you'll enjoy the frontal views. We give Arnold the "humpiest ass" award and Hunt the "full crotch" award. A very good visual and grappling matchup. BOUT #3: WYLD CHILD VS. JOHN ST. JAMES: WYLD CHILD: 6',170#, 23. ST. JAMES: 5'7",145#, 24. A knee to the gut doubles up St. James as the second fall opens. Wyld Child now is taking him a lot more seriously. And even though holds come and go due to the slipping and sliding of wrestling in a greasy pit, Wyld Child keeps up his pressure on St. James throughout the second fall. He takes St. James with what we can describe only as an unusual version of the bow and arrow. Wyld Child has St. James helpless and on display, in virtual freeze frame muscle action, in a hold that looks very painful. St. James does the only thing he can, submit! When John St. James puts Wyld Child into a double hammer and grips his neck from behind, we think it could be an upset victory for St. James if he has the strength to hold on to it. No way! Wyld Child uses his brawn to force his way out and after a little more wrestling puts his own version of a double hammer lock on a stomach-down St. James. It's a neat one with one of the Child's huge thighs bearing down on the hold for added leverage and force. A double biceps flex with Wyld Child's foot on a wasted St. James nicely sums up the victory for the Canadian Musclehunk. BOUT #4: PAUL PERRIS VS. ROMAN STONE: PERRIS: 5'10",170#, 20 yo. STONE: 6',190#, 23 yo. The grapplers continually challenge each other as to who can do the deeper and wider splits. Roman Stone is good with the splits but you can tell that at some point he locks. Paul Perris knows no lockpoint when it comes to splits, although he has told us in the past that if he goes over 2 minutes in that position it does begin to hurt. That's why if any wrestler can keep Perris locked in a splits position for more than two minutes, he'd definitely have to give up. There is a point in the first fall when Perris and Stone approach each other frontally from a mutual splits position. They throw their arms around each other in a kind of mutual embrace. Hot as hell!! If you are into handsome faces and magnificent physiques grappling in oil! You will enjoy this matchup to the max. Perris wears a g-string, and Stone wears orange trunks that show off his fine muscularity to the utmost advantage.

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