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CAST: Beau Hopkins, Danny Lee (James Blond), Golden Eagle, Johnny Lightning, Lion Heart, Tom Flex,


RELEASE DATE: 7/18/2011

Produced at one of Canada`s hottest nightclubs, this video is a sizzler. These Muscle Dancers perform their regular strip act exclusively for you. There is no audience, only you! The Muscle Dancers look squarely through the camera at their audience - YOU! This is very, very personal! This is very, very sexy. Each dancer performs at least three songs; two fast, one slow. Slowly they strip to the beat of the music. When Johnny Lightning looks at you with his piercing blue eyes - you`ll feel an enormous pull. You may be so hypnotized by the beat of the music, the high energy and eroticism of his movements and by that `look`, you`ll lose all track of time. On the other hand for sheer, slow, erotic muscle movement you`ve got to hand it to Golden Eagle. He commands attention. He demands attention. You`ve got to give it up to him! Flex`s slow, sensual sexual muscle dancing and posing with that ripped physique of his will have you gasping for breath, perhaps barely able to continue. And when Lionheart strips almost to the total buff and lays a black cape on the floor for some personal "humping", can you keep it back any longer? When Beau Hopkins takes off his long levies to expose a pair of tight, torn and tattered levi cutoffs which hug his ass, we guarantee you`ll lose it on the spot. Can you imagine what it would be like to be at a club in Canada where these guys perform what they call "table dancing"? That`s as personal as it gets - dancing for you only at your table where all kinds of potential things are possible. Next to that, this tape is as personal as it can get, and still be within the bounds of relative decency. There is total rear nudity, but only fleeting occasional frontal nudity. Canadian Muscle Dancers - as hot as they cum! The Lineup: Golden Eagle in black leather, Lionheart in a cop uniform, Beau Hopkins in T-Shirt and levis, Flex in a skintight show costume, James Blond in a lifeguard uniform and Johnny Lightning in a unique show costume.

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