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CAST: Mark Wolff, Spike McGee,Lee Durno, Mark Steele, Damian Slade, Beau Bradley, Rocky James, Tom Bure, Ivan Bure,


RELEASE DATE: 5/24/2007

For Can-Am connoisseurs, it's interesting to note and compare the creative individuality of Can-Am's Toronto studio manager Tom Flex, and Vancouver's studio manager Mark Wolf. CANADIAN BUILT WRESTLE CLUB TWO is Mark Wolf's third production from Ron Sexton's Vancouver Studio. If there's one word to describe Mark Wolf's videos for Can-Am, it's "originality." And since Can-Am's product goal is to offer you the widest variety of musclehunk erota-wrestling, Mark Wolf's totally original CANADIAN BUILT WRESTLE CLUB TWO will blow you away. Athletic outdoor location action moves indoors to four unexpected wrestling match scenes that deliver all the no-holds-barred, bare assed, hardbody, pro punishment wrestling excitement experienced from ANY ring. Stripping down thru countless layers of wrestling gear, CANADIAN BUILT WRESTLE CLUB TWO delivers Beau Bradley vs Rocky James, Mark Steele vs Damian Slade, Tom Bure vs his brother Ivan Bure, and finally Spike McGee vs Lee Durno vs Mark Wolf in the most outrageous kitchen floor food fight EVER conceived and video taped. Every ingestible liquid, every gooey condiment, EVERYTHING in Mark Wolf's fridge becomes food-for-fight. And if you don't think a butt naked musclehunk food fight sounds sexy, jack-off god Mark Wolf will open your mind and drain your dick. This is an amazing video. This is world leader Can-Am at its most salaciously original.

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