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CAST: Mark Wolff, Shawn Simpson, Ivan Bure, Marco D,Salvo, Blake Stone, Tony Preacher, Jacques Laplant, Nicholas Bodiev, Jeff Renshaw, Brad Sargeant,


RELEASE DATE: 5/24/2007

Besides being one of the world's hottest men, Can-Am Vancouver manager Mark Wolff is producing totally unique and enormously popular wrestling videos. CANADIAN BUILT WRESTLING CLUB 2 gave you four matches. CANADIAN BUILT WRESTLING CLUB 3 gives you six matches in natural and domestic settings. And yes, Mark Wolff is in one of them. MATCH ONE: Shawn Simpson VS Ivan Bure. Shawn and Ivan strip wrestle each other out of street clothes down to their undershorts in an apartment living room. MATCH TWO: Marco D'salvo VS Blake Stone. Athletes Blake and Marco wrestle outdoors on a playing field stripping down from shorts and tank tops. These two muscular jocks use the whole field to rip-strip each other to their tight white briefs. MATCH THREE: Tony Preacher VS Jacques LaPlant. Street clothes get ripped off as Tony and Jacques square off in a bedroom. A belt gets used for unfair advantage as these two hotbodies wrestle-strip each other down to white shorts. MATCH FOUR: Mark Wolff VS Nicholas Bodiev. In a gymnasium Mark exercises wearing a skin tight red singlet. Matched against Mark is gold medal winning international free style wrestler Nicholas Bodiev wearing a blue singlet. Mark gets ground into the mat losing fall one. He rallies to best Bodiev in fall 2; but loses the match and his singlet to competition experience. Ahh.... Mark Wolff naked at last! MATCH FIVE: From previous matches Ivan Bure and Tony Preacher are first time paired in an indoor match wrestle stripping each other out of street clothes down to muscles and shorts. MATCH SIX: Jeff Renshaw VS Brad Sargeant. Buff bodybuilders Jeff and Brad start off gardening, then lawn wrestling, and finally battling it out in the shallow end of a swimming pool wearing a jock and a bikini. CANADIAN BUILT WRESTLING CLUB 3 delivers endless wrestling action for $49 bucks in unique nontraditional settings for a hot, sexy, fresh approach to wrestling fantasy. A whole lotta action for $49 bucks! Note: Several of the images used on this page are poor quality because they had to be captured from the video. Unfortunately the negs were lost in transit by the courier. The quality of the video is first rate.

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