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CAST: Skip roberts, Andy Sutton, Paul Perris, Bart Tyler,


RELEASE DATE: 3/10/2004

Boss Sexton strike again! Sifting through the videos in his private collection, he came across these gems starring some of our hottest wrestlers from years past. Every long time Can-Am fan has a soft spot in their hearts and a hard spot in their pants for Skip Roberts and Paul Perris. Here, ripped to perfection, Skip takes on long haired gymnast, Andy Sutton. Andy can do full splits and slip out of tight spots, but is that enough to drop the more experienced Skip? In stretched-tight, barely ass covering posing trunks, the two trade lots of nasty verbal barbs. And in three rounds of spirited action, the two flex, squeeze, throw and pummel each other into submission. This one could go either way! In match two, naive Bart Tyler thinks he might be able to go foot to foot with champion kick-boxer Perris. But a few minutes in, Paul proves why he is a champion and kicks Bart to the mat. Slightly embarrassed, Bart picks himself up and suggests a handicap for Paul - rope! The rest of the match is a rodeo romp and Paul proves even a rope is not going to stop his powerful legs. Wrapping Bart up tight, he subjects him to a relentless meat tenderizing pounding. But just when you think you can count Bart out, he bursts back into the action and teaches Paul a few lessons in knot tying. Taking the ring title, he drags Paul to the oil pit and continues his assault there, finally leaving Paul hogtied and helpless in a sweaty, oily heap. This All-Star event takes it home!

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