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CAST: Mitch Bodega, Steve Starr, Antonio Silva, Aaron Tustin, Sonny Hito, Shawn Michaels, Rob Folsom,


RELEASE DATE: 6/27/2008

Produced by Cal Fitness, videotaped and edited by Can-Am Productions for the Can-Am look, California Muscleboy wrestling delivers exactly what the tape title promises... killer hot bodies. If you like what you see on the cover of this brochure, wait til you see big Mitch Bodega's muscles in action in two of the following five matches. But his match with bodybeautiful Antonio Silva is a muscle watcher's wish come true.

Match 1 / MITCH BODEGA VS ANTONIO SILVA. 220 pound Latino bodybuilder Mitch Bodega in blue patterned trunks battles 190 pound Italian bodybuilder Antonio Silva in solid blue trunks. Both musclestuds brutalize each others bodies in a grueling give-and-take series of punishing display holds that takes physique appreciation to the mat.

Match 2 SONNY HITO VS STEVE STARR. 170 pound Japanese bodybuilder Sonny Hito in blue trunks goes up against 200 pound Marine-looking musclehunk Steve Starr wearing red trunks. Hito, the smaller of the two, gives big Steve Starr a hard working over in a classic struggle of East meets West. Hot bodies, Hard action!

Match 3 / SHAWN MICHAELS VS AARON TUSTIN. In green trunks, great looking Irish muscleboy Shawn Michaels is matched against Aaron Tustin in yellow trunks. Shawn Michaels is determined to win against Aaron Tustin, and they punish each other endlessly in their give-and-take struggle to win. Can our fighting Irishman win? Only if he can endure the pain inflicted on him by equally determined Aaron Tustin.

Match 4 / MITCH BODEGA VS ROB FOLSOM. In this match, meaty Latin heartbreaker Mitch Bodega wears a pair of pink colored trunks you can't take your eyes off of. Sporting a big basket and a bodaciously beautiful butt, Mitch mixes it up with Rob Folsom who's wearing light blue patterned trunks. For succulent crotch and butt watching... big Mitch Bodega makes this match worth the price of the tape all by himself.

Match 5 / SONNY HITO VS SHAWN MICHAELS. Oriental bodybuilder Sonny Hito is back in tight pink trunks, and has his hands full against beautiful blond Irishboy Shawn Michaels wrestling in lime green trunks. Lighter and smaller, Shawn takes a long, hard punishment session from his Oriental opponent. This match is a hot, sweaty, crotch watching bonanza... and Shawn sweats alot!

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