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CAST: Rob Stone, Sonny Beaudreaux, Sonny Stilleto, Decon Stevens, Jean--Paul Montez, Steve Clayton,


RELEASE DATE: 4/26/2010

Gentlemen, this six match TOTALLY NAKED tape is an unusually rich visual feast for bare ass connoisseurs and TOTALLY NAKED crotch watchers. Penetrating mat-level camera work gets you close enough to split-spread crotches and hard round boybutts to all but smell the action.

MATCH #1 / ROB STONE -vs- SONNY BEAUDREAUX. Young, tough, wirey blond pretty-boy hotbod battles Sonny Beaudreaux`s slight weight advantage. Rob wears all-American red, white & blue trunks. Sonny looses his tight blue speedos early in the match. Both grapplers work each other hard in rough and tumble mat work. Lots of mat level crotch shots and butt spread camera work as both boys work up a sweat. Pretty boy Rob wins with his face in Sonny`s butt in a very interesting submission hold.

MATCH #2 / SONNY STILLETO -vs- DEVON STEVENS. Black haired and arm tattooed Sonny S. wears a red T-back. Devon wears peach and turquoise trunks which get ripped off first. The slightly larger Sonny fights dirty and delivers most of the punishment finally forcing Devon to reluctantly submit in a painful shoulder wrenching surfboard.

MATCH #3 / JEAN-PAUL MONTEZ -vs- ROB STONE. You`ll like watching muscleboy Rob Stone again this time in red and black trunks against an evenly matched black haired Jean-Paul in a bright red singlet. This is an athletic action-packed match because both boys are close to each other`s size and weight... and both boys are determined to win working up a sweat that accentuates their youthful muscularity. Rob gets Jean-Paul`s singlet off first then gets into crotch grabbing and nipple biting. Jean-Paul retaliates and both boys show off a pair of USDA grade "A" asses. After lots of give and take leg split crotch shots Rob wins with a crucifix shoulder pin Jean-Paul couldn`t break.

MATCH #4 / SONNY BEAUDREAUX -vs- STEVE CLAYTON. Bodybeautiful Sonny Beaudreaux is back wearing a yellow T-back and both boys loose their skimpy trunks in short order. Two very nice bodies work each other over long and hard in endless crotch and ass shots with muscleboy Sonny loosing again by submission.

MATCH #5 / ROB STONE -vs- JEAN-PAUL MONTEZ. In a popular demand re-match, studboys Rob Stone and Jean-Paul Montez are back. This time Rob wears skin tight black lycra bike shorts, and Jean-Paul looks great in a pair of white cotton gym short shorts. They bite. They grope. They humiliate and punish each other. Jean-Paul`s gym shorts come off to reveal a black T-back. Next off comes Rob`s bike shorts, then Jean-Paul`s T-back, and the battle of the buff butt boys shifts into overdrive. You`ll love watching these near bookend studboys punish each other aggressively. Does underdog Jean-Paul get his victory revenge over pretty-boy Rob Stone this time? Check it out.

MATCH #6 / SONNY STILLETO -vs- STEVE CLAYTON. This match Stilleto`s back wearing a red singlet while Steve Clayton shows off his ass in a red T-back. Stilleto is stripped out of his singlet down to a light green T-back, then both men loose their T-backs in fast, rough action getting down to some dirty bare-assed body bashing. Does bad boy Sonny Stilleto get what`s coming to him at the hands of good guy Steve Clayton? Yeah, he does. And you`ll love watching every minute of it.

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