BG Wrestling

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RELEASE DATE: 10/6/2011

STARRING: LUCAS JAY, SETH BLACK, BRIAN KIDDLucas, returning from his early day shift in a local retail establishment, comes in on his lover, Seth, taking a nap with Brian. It’s obvious to Lucas that Seth has been fucking around with Brian, otherwise why would they be sleeping in the way they are. Lucas marches into the bathroom, puts some kind of liquid on a towel and marches back into the bedroom. He shoves the towel into Brian’s face – it’s chloroform! With Brian out, it’s easy for Lucas to put is arms and legs into bondage. He takes off his tie and gags Brian with it. Then he sets about spanking Seth, his lover. Once he is through with Seth, he starts spanking Brian. With Seth he used his hands. With Brian he will use a variety of implements and his hands. When he feels that he has spanked both enough, with confidence he kisses and makes up with Seth. Later they both have makeup sex, but the camera has been long gone before that happens.

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