Brutal Battle

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Aryx Quinn, Brenden Cage, Max Munoz,

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 8/29/2011

What a killer hot ass Aryx Quinn has. And Boss Sexton`s exclusive bad boy shows it off salaciously in Can-Am`s "Brutal Battle". Mr. Quinn devines himself both coach and boss of this match constantly bad mouthing and belittling muscle hunk Brenden Cage and hot latino boy Max Munoz. Aryx uses Brenden to double team Max. And uses Max to double team Brenden. All under his transparent guise as wrestling instructor. But it doesn`t take long before Max and Brenden are fed up with Aryx`s big mouth and even bigger ego. They team up to beat down Mr Quinn... attacking him times two. They get in a couple of beatings, but Aryx is as tough as he is gruff. But above all, Aryx Quinn is a damn good wrestler. Repeatedly he fights his way back into control and domination of Max and Brenden... punishing them mercilessly for their audacity in challenging him. Eventually things heat up and all three studs loose their trunks. Cocks get stiff. Cocks get sucked. Aryx and Brenden decide to double fuck Max. Aryx fucks Max`s ass... Brenden fucks his face... and Max gets double fucked in both ends simultaneously. Is this supposed to be Max`s punishment. We doubt that Max thinks so as Aryx jack-hammers his very happy ass and Brenden fucks his face. Happily for you it all ends with a very impressive 3-way cum fest that you will want to add yours to. So go ahead. Get this video and make it a 4-way cum fest.

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