Broadcast Bound


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CAST: Topher DiMaggio, Trelino, Jayden Ellis

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 6/23/2014

Only gods or fools dare to toy with lightening. But what if Lightening (Topher Dimagio) dares to toy with you?

Hard heroes Comet (Jayden Ellis) and Rocky (Trelino) can answer that question, as our ongoing series of heroic sexual adventures steps into the lair of Lightening. Villain or hero, it's difficult to tell. In our last adventure this stunning specimen was trapped along with all the other captive heroes, only to turn on his fellow comrades in order to inflict a combination of torture and titillation upon their bound bodies. Today he seems to have gone full villain, exercising a commanding presence over all who cross him.

Lightening is an action figure come to life, physical perfection from head to toe. Sizable biceps emphasized by skintight blue lycra, killer package framed by crimson speedos. The iconic silver lightening bolt painted across his bulging chest. Unmasked, he displays what is very likely to be his greatest power of all: his face. He is a vision of unflawed perfection, from rich skin-tone, to raven black hair, to piercing eyes lined with only the blackest of lashes. From every angle his is astonishing to look upon, his expression almost her tears into his poor victims.

Comet and Rocky awaken to find themselves bound to a pair of crimson beds, under the watchful eye of Lightening...and his camera. That's right, Lightening intends to record the humiliating events, threatening to broadcast them to the world. He begins torturing his victims with a series of gropes, grabs, and grinds, paying careful attention to every shiver and reaction of his slaves.

Comet was captured in his signature purple one piece body suit with a massive opening to expose his chest. The opening provides easy access for Lightening to get at Comet's enormous cock, which he slams and sucks with equal pleasure, all to the music of Comet moaning in torment. Rocky wears only speedos, black leather cuffs, boots, and an expression of needful desire mixed with boyish curiosity.

It's not long before we move from beds to ceiling chains, where we are treated to the sight of Comet and Rocky suspended from the ceiling, rubbing together, taking their lead from Lightening, who commands them to do his bidding, and nothing else.

As trust is established, bonds are loosened. Blonde beauty Comet sucks a mean dick, and he does it with an air of generosity and approval seeking, gazing longingly upward with big blue eyes and kneeling like a peasant before a prince. He takes it up the ass like a champ, beating himself off and moaning like a bitch from start to finish. You've never seen a pounding like least until Rocky takes it up the ass and in the face.

Ass fondling...Dick servicing...Heroes brought to their knees...knock-out gas...and the ever watchful eye of the video camera in the corner. What more could a hero or villain, or anyone in between, ask for?

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